October 21, 2018

Why live the life of a chicken when you are born an eagle?

October 21, 2018

“As time evolves and technology changes the way we operate, it is easy for a chicken to fly as high as an eagle because knowledge can be accessed easily and widely no matter where you are from.

Yet, in reality, some choose to live the life of a chicken when they are born an eagle and never get to know what is there at the horizon. So what make an eagle not being able to fly high?”

Dao Anh Thi, CEO of Isobar, a recipient of Forbes 30 under 30, posed that question to our young students at “Overcoming comfort in the digital age” seminar organized at Fulbright University Vietnam on October 20.

Three speakers, coming from different background and personal experience, shared with Fulbright students their quest to “overcome comfort” – stepping out of their comfort zone to take risks, explore new horizons, and undertake meaningful work.

“You need a lot of courage to break away from your comfort zone and take the risk to explore your limits. When the world keeps evolving, the line between invaluable experience and old-fashioned preconception has become so fine.

Learning how to learn has become a crucial skill. If you and your mindset are fixed, you are actually moving backward,” journalist Nguyen Luong An Dien shared.

TV host and CEO Tran Quoc Khanh looked at this “overcoming comfort” quest in a different light: “It is really hard to know where your comfort zone actually stops to step out of it.

It is best just to take risk and say what you think with honesty. The world around you will react to that and you can learn from that. The more you fail, wrong, and hurt, the more you grow.”



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