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Together with Fulbrighters: Exploring EY-Parthenon Office Tour


Recently, over 40 Fulbright students from various majors: Psychology, Art and Media Studies, Literature, Economics, and more have visited the EY-Parthenon office, the Global Strategy Consulting branch of the multinational auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY). This visit was organized by the Career Services Office of Fulbright University Vietnam.

Fulbrighters listened attentively to the introduction about EY-Parthenon and Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY). Photograph by Fulbright

The students were excited to learn about the strategic consulting industry’s role and the mission of EY-Parthenon. They also listened to insightful sharing and experiences of the company’s leadership through successful projects. Moreover, EY-Parthenon seniors were dedicated to sharing various “secrets” to success in this prestigious field. Many shared their stories about their motivation to thrive in strategic consulting, while others highlighted the challenges and opportunities young people face when entering the profession.

One of the two EY-Parthenon speakers shared information about the legal context of ESG in Vietnam. Photograph by Fulbright

The highlight of the trip was the presentation and discussion by the group on the topic “ESG Criteria and Sustainable Development” by Mr. Nguyễn Thành Phúc, Strategy and Transactions Manager, and Mr. Phạm Nhật Khánh, Strategy Manager of EY-Parthenon. With the theme “ESG Criteria and Sustainable Development,” the discussion delved into the impact of national policies on the ability to meet the ESG criteria, especially in companies specializing in building materials. From there, the EY-Parthenon team will advise solutions for these types of companies to optimize sustainability in their business operations.

The discussion session was incredibly lively, with a series of challenging questions from Fulbright students and several potential solutions for pursuing ESG at multinational corporations. Photograph by Fulbright

Returning to the campus after half a day exploring the world of strategic consulting, many students reflected upon their academic journey at Fulbright. What kind of dynamic and challenging strategic consulting environment is looking for candidates? How can one quickly adapt to the continuous changes in this field? Critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and lateral thinking are valuable skills that will help Fulbrighters conquer all fields, even the “tough” ones like strategic consulting.

Let’s look back at the most memorable moments of the trip below!

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