Get Involved

Giving to Fulbright is more than just financial support. Discover how you can volunteer, help fundraise, or join with donors who share your aspiration in supporting Fulbright University Vietnam.

  • Alumni

    Fulbright University Vietnam Alumni Network spreads our educational quintessence and ideological values to the wider society, connects and supports each other, as well as contributes to the future generation of Fulbright students.

    There are many ways you can support Fulbright’s pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and public service.

    • Partner with us. If you are a member of an organization that would be interested in providing a position or internship placement for our current students, let us know!
    • Become a Fulbright Ambassador. If you are interested in the opportunity to become a Fulbright Alumni Ambassador, please contact us via email at
    • Stay connected. Connect with Fulbright and view our most updated activities on social media by following our Facebook fanpage and Instagram.
  • Donors

    Your gifts to Fulbright University Vietnam provide the resources needed to ensure our students, faculty, and community can succeed. Please consider supporting the area most meaningful to you by donating or helping us fundraise.

    For more information, please contact us via email at

  • Volunteers

    Interested in making a difference, creating new friendships, and deepening your connection with the Fulbright Community? Learn how you can start your personalized volunteer experience or share new ideas with us by contacting us via email at

  • Students

    If you are a Fulbright student, chances are you have benefited from gifts to Fulbright University Vietnam. Learn how you can continue this tradition and help secure an even brighter future for the Fulbright Community.

    For more information, please contact us via email at

  • Parents

    Parents and families are our vital partners in nurturing the future generations of change-makers in Viet Nam. At Fulbright, we empower every interactive learning opportunity so our students can connect, broaden perspectives, and prepare to be good citizens.

    You can help foster these experiences by:

    • Participating in our student-led programs and activities.
    • Following us on our Facebook fanpage to view our most updated activities.
    • Becoming a Parent Ambassador to support Fulbright’s many programs and campaigns
    • Becoming a Donor.

    For more information, please contact us via email at

  • Faculty and Staff

    As a faculty or staff member, you invest your time and talent to build a strong foundation for Fulbright University Vietnam. Through your efforts, you help to educate tomorrow’s change-makers, instill meaningful values, and reimagine higher education in Vietnam, for Vietnamese students.

    Through our Internal Donation Campaign, faculty and staff came together to support Fulbright. Your financial contributions have further illustrated the collective strength and commitment of the people of Fulbright and signified readiness towards the momentum of rapid growth and development at our university.

    Continue to support Fulbright by donating or becoming a Fulbright Ambassador. For more information, please contact us via email at

  • Corporations and Foundations

    Fulbright University Vietnam wants to work with corporate and foundation partners to implement projects relevant to advancing Fulbright’s education, research, and service mission.

    To learn about opportunities to partner with Fulbright, please contact us via email at