Why give to Fulbright?

From providing financial aid, supporting construction on our future campus, to outfitting classrooms with cutting edge technologies and bringing international scholars to our campus, your gift will make a lasting impression on our learning community.

Why your gift truly matters

Can your gift truly make a difference? Gifts of all sizes impact Fulbright, change lives, and help re-imagine higher education in Vietnam.

Here are the five reasons why your gift makes a difference:

(1) We are 100% focused on education – All of what we receive from our students go back to their education – Private and public supports are instrumental for us to equip our students with opportunities to fulfill their potential, from campus facility to student scholarship.

(2) Make powerful change to a life, a family, and the whole community – A quarter of our students are the first generation to go to college. No investment is more effective than providing quality education to them. Your belief in them will create positive impacts on their life, family, community and the future of Vietnam.

(3) Bring equal opportunity to students across Vietnam – Two third of our students depend on financial aid to study at Fulbright. Your support will allow us to bring more opportunity to students from all walks of life.

(4) Make your passion and belief in education heard – Your gift is your investment and belief in education. From issues such as sustainability, public policy, gender equality, history, whichever matters to you, your gift is your voice telling us the importance of those in our journey to educate the Vietnamese youth.

(5) Help to build an everlasting institution – Fulbright depends on public support to achieve the vision of becoming an apex university in Vietnam, for Vietnam. Your contribution will help us build an institution that can last for hundreds of years, serving Vietnam society.

Areas for Support

Your gift means the world to students and the entire Fulbright community. If you want to support the educational opportunities that you value most, we have a wide range of activities which you may consider.

Help us support the next generation of change-makers today. Make a Gift now or reach out to us to learn more about different opportunities to give at development@fulbright.edu.vn.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    More than two third of Fulbright students receive need-based financial aids assistance, which offers them equal access to quality education. Fulbright also offers our student body different types of scholarships and grants, which will play a key role in maintaining Fulbright’s affordability and expanding opportunities for all Vietnamese students. Gifts of any size are applied in full to help fund these educational opportunities.

  • Campus Facility

    Beautifully located at the Hi-Tech Park of District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Fulbright’s flagship campus embodies our aspirations for an environment that encourages learning and leadership, where students, faculty and the public can learn, create, live, contribute and reflect.

    As the Campus is under construction, your contribution to campus building is more meaningful now than ever. Whether a brick, a tree, a classroom or a building, your generous gift will make a foundational and lasting impact to Fulbright University Vietnam.

  • Faculty and Research

    Great faculty members bring energy and excitement to our community; maintain a high level of dedication; strengthen Fulbright’s curriculum and keep it innovative, relevant, and engaging; lead research that results in major discoveries; and mentor students on their research journey.

    Help Fulbright University Vietnam attract and retain the world’s top scholars by endowing new professorships, career development professorships, visiting professorships, fellowships or research funds.

  • Student Experience

    Not all learning at Fulbright takes place in the classroom. Our students grow from experiences both in and outside the lecture hall, lab, and library.

    Our clubs and organizations, volunteer experiences, community services, and leadership opportunities provide students with the opportunity to set strategy, build effective teams, organize and run events. Through such experience, they can reap the benefits of teamwork, develop their values and establish connections that can last for a lifetime.