In addition to the Financial Aid program, Fulbright University Vietnam offers a range of scholarship opportunities for students.

Class of 2028 Fulbright University Scholarship

The Class of 2028 Fulbright University Scholarship fund was established in 2023 as the continuation of the scholarship program which commenced 2 years ago. With the commitment to recognize outstanding talents and contributions, regardless of financial need or citizenship, Fulbright has now introduced this scholarship initiative. This program will provide 65 awards, in addition to other financial assistance, to incoming students. All of this aligns with our mission to seek and inspire a new generation of leaders and ambitious thinkers to create a better world.

Scholarship recipients are students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and meaningful community contributions. The awards are determined by a selection committee that evaluates applicants’ performances in the admissions, scholarship applications and interview rounds.

The Fulbright University Scholarship Awards include three types:

  • Fulbright President’s Scholarship covers 80% or 100% of Fulbright’s annual tuition fee and is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study at Fulbright.
  • Fulbright Dean’s Scholarship covers 30% or 50% of Fulbright’s annual tuition fee and is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study at Fulbright.
  • Honors Scholarship awards a one-time scholarship valued at 187,040,000 VND, which will be deducted from the tuition fee in the first year of undergraduate study at Fulbright.

Nguyễn-Phương Family Scholarship

Aligned with our mission to grow Vietnamese talent into future change-makers, Fulbright and VietSeeds Foundation proudly announced the creation of the Nguyễn-Phương Family Scholarship, (NP Family Scholarship) which awards one (01) full tuition scholarship to incoming students for every academic year, starting Fall 2021.

This endowed scholarship is funded by the family of Mr. Nguyễn Phương Lam, a distinguished philanthropist in Asia. Mr. Nguyễn Phương Lam was the first Vietnamese student to attend the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has built a successful career in finance and investment. His philanthropic activities, which center on education and poverty alleviation, span throughout organizations in Asia and the world such as Acumen, Ashoka, Endeavor, and VietSeeds Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to bringing equal access to college education for all students across Vietnam.

The spirit of the scholarship is to help form generations of Vietnamese leaders/change-makers (in all fields of society) for a more humane, kinder world – a world built on solidarity instead of competition; a world focusing on broad human development and social sustainability instead of just economic and material development; a world based on the principle that the meaning of human life is in the being, and not in the having.

In addition to the financial reward, the recipient of the NP Family Scholarship will have access to special mentorship and career development opportunities offered by the Nguyen-Phuong family.


Nguyen Tung Lam Scholarship

On February 20, 2023, the renowned teacher, Dr. Nguyen Tung Lam and his family signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fulbright University Vietnam to create a scholarship under his name. This special scholarship will grant to students who intend to pursue a Psychology major, as an effort to promote psychology, especially educational psychology in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen Tung Lam was born in 1943. He is currently the Chairman of the Governing Board of Dinh Tien Hoang High School – Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Educational Psychology, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hanoi Union of Science and Technology, and Member of the Standing Committee of the Association of Educational Psychology. With his contributions to education and to various Unions’ activities, Dr. Nguyen Tung Lam was one of 106 intellectuals awarded the title of Outstanding Intellectuals, Science and Technology by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations in 2022. He was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal by the President of Vietnam in 2001, the Certificate of Creative Labor by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor in 1997, title of Groundbreaking Manager in 2006, and the title of Distinguished Teacher in 2010.

The Nguyen Tung Lam scholarship covers up to 50% of the annual tuition fee in four (04) years for one (01) student who can demonstrate exceptional academic excellence, has a passion to pursue a degree in Psychology, and is in need of financial support.  


Bright Futures Scholarship

Since 2022, Bright Futures Scholarship program has supported incoming students whose families were or have been severely affected by the wars in Vietnam or elsewhere to study at Fulbright. Together with information about family background, applicants should demonstrate academic excellence or commitment to community service. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded with a housing fee waived for four years, and a stipend of 30,000,000 VND each academic year, for four years at Fulbright. 

In order to continuously receive the scholarship in the following years, Fulbright Bright Futures recipients must maintain a minimum academic standard and submit the annual report demonstrating academic achievements or community involvement together with reflections on personal developments.


Wheel Cards Scholarship

Every year, a few Fulbright students  who are facing significant physical or neurodiversity challenges will be able to receive financial aid from Wheel Cards Scholarship. This scholarship is established through the generosity and commitment of Wheel Cards to support college students with disabilities in Vietnam. 

The scholarship awards 467,600,000 VND/ student in 4 years, in which 81,830,000 VND per year is to support to students’ financial aid package and 35,070,000 VND per year to Opportunity Fund” that recipients can use for non-tuition related academic activities, extracurricular and/or self-development opportunities such as conducting research projects, conferences, devices purchasing, community services, taking on internship or student-proposed activities agreed by university administrations.

As the world’s first wheelchair/ disabilities-related NFT project, Wheel Cards has garnered much interest from people around the globe. The project was featured on Binance’s NFT platform along with Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk. Featuring pixelated characters in wheelchairs, Wheel Cards were sold out in mere seconds when first introduced.

Wheel Cards was founded with a mission to raise awareness about wheelchairs and disabilities in the Web 3.0 Metaverse space. The founder, Kunho Kim, spent his youth in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam before attending Harvard in 2012. While at Saigon South International School, Kunho learned of the difficulties Vietnamese people with disabilities face daily. Kunho founded one of the first student-initiated non-profit organizations to donate wheelchairs to paraplegic patients in Vietnam.



Vietcombank - Fulbright Scholarship

Established through the generosity and commitment of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Thu Thiem Branch (Vietcombank Thu Thiem), VCB-Fulbright Scholarship is created specifically for students in financial difficulty who have excellent academic achievements in order to recognize their efforts, encourage community involvements and provide financial assistance to support them in two years.

The scholarship awards 60,000,000 VND (Sixty million Vietnam dong) per student. Every scholarship awardee will receive 30,000,000 VND each academic year in the first two years at Fulbright to cover the stipend.

Throughout the past years, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) has been a generous donor and supported Fulbright students through many scholarship opportunities.

Applicants with excellent performances in admissions rounds and from financially disadvantaged families will be automatically considered for this scholarship (No additional scholarship application). Candidates will receive the scholarship results on the same day as the admissions results.


CNCF - Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright University Vietnam and Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF for short) signed a memorandum of understanding in 2022 to establish the Christina Noble – Fulbright Scholarship. Established through the generosity and commitment of Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, the scholarship is created specifically for students who come from significantly disadvantaged financial backgrounds.

The scholarship awards 120,000,000 VND (One hundred twenty million Vietnam dong)/ student. Every scholarship awardee will receive 30,000,000 VND each academic year in four years at Fulbright to cover the stipend.


TPBank STEM Scholarship

TPBank STEM scholarships are granted to current students who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in STEM majors, as jointly selected by Fulbright and TPBank. This scholarship program, which commenced in 2021 and will continue for a period of five (05) years, aims to support students pursuing majors in Engineering, Computer Science, or Integrated Sciences. Successful recipients of this scholarship will be awarded grants to conduct research projects in their respective fields of specialization.
This scholarship program was established thanks to TPBank’s generous endowment.


Temasek Community Change-maker Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to current students of Fulbright in the form of project grants, recognizing academic excellence and/or positive community impact. Selection will be based on both the merit of the applicant & the strength of their Project. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds or whose projects support disadvantaged communities are prioritized.
From 2022, The Community Change-Maker Scholarship will be awarded eight (8) grants for: three (3) students from the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM), and five (5) students from the Undergraduate Program. Each grant is VND 50,000,000. This scholarship program was established thanks to the generous endowment of Temasek International.


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The Monday after Fall break must have brought a lottt of frowning faces, hasn’t it? How are you, energized and ready to take on new challenges, or still exhausted with an inundation of schoolwork and personal projects?Did you know, painting is a wonderful way to relax and refocus. Clear your schedule for just a couple of hours and pick up a brush. Perhaps, you’ll even surprise yourself with some hidden artistic talent!“Crystallize your mind” is a workshop organized by Fulbright’s Residential Life team (Reslife), in collaboration with @sunpineart, where students had a chance to learn the basics of watercolor painting and try their hands at painting colorful crystals. This is the second #BUSTLE event, a series of extracurricular activities initiated by Reslife that aims to enhance and enrich student experience at Fulbright.Work hard, study hard, but don’t forget to add olors to your world. More exciting events are coming!#fulbrightuniversityvietnam #residentiallife #artworkshop #sunpineart #watercolor

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