Since 2022, Bright Futures Scholarship program has supported incoming students whose families were or have been severely affected by the wars in Vietnam or elsewhere to study at Fulbright. Together with information about family background, applicants should demonstrate academic excellence or commitment to community service. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded with a housing fee waived for four years, and a stipend of 30,000,000 VND each academic year, for four years at Fulbright. 

In order to continuously receive the scholarship in the following years, Fulbright Bright Futures recipients must maintain a minimum academic standard and submit the annual report demonstrating academic achievements or community involvement together with reflections on personal developments.


Scholarship recipients must possess the following criteria: 

  •  From families who were or have been severely affected by the war in Vietnam or elsewhere 
  •  Academic excellence or Commitment to community service 
  •  Demonstrated financial needs


In order to maintain the scholarship in future years, Fulbright Bright Futures Scholars must: 

  • Maintain a minimum academic standard. 
  • Submit an annual report to Fulbright and the donors describing: 
  1. Academic achievements/ Community involvements 
  2. Reflections on their academic and personal growths 


Apply HERE with the following steps:
Step 1: Create accounts
Step 2: Click on Scholarship tab
Step 3: Choose Bright Futures Scholarship and fill in the application


  • Fall Cycle: 14:00 04/12/2023
  • Spring Cycle: 14:00 08/04/2023

The Scholarship Committee will review the admissions application and the interview, as well as the financial aid application to make a decision. Candidates will receive the scholarship results on the same day as the admissions results.

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