Career services

About Career Services

Career Services strives to foster opportunities, experiences, connections, and skills to help all Fulbright students and graduates find professional and personal fulfillment across diverse areas of study, interests, and career paths.

Upon graduation, we envision the continued positive influence of Fulbright students and graduates on their respective industries, workplaces, communities, in Vietnam and around the globe, as well as their continued individual growth.

Broadly, we envision meaningful disruption” in the current higher education and employment landscape in Vietnam, demonstrating how an adaptive liberal arts education adequately prepares students to tackle the most pressing challenges of Vietnam, the region, and the world.

For Students

From day one, Fulbright will support students to explore exciting career pathways and build the skills to excel in any professional setting.

Career Services will be using the following principles to support your development:

  • Exploration & Experimentation: Students are exposed and encouraged to pursue a diverse range of opportunities and experiences (i.e. academic, professional, or personal), developing a fuller understanding of industries of interest, career paths, the requisite skills to succeed, and the world around them.
  • Meaningful Work & Life: Students see the opportunities and experiences as low-risk experiments” to better understand themselves, their career paths, and their purpose”, recognizing they can find meaningful work, no matter their field of study.
  • Foundation: Students leave Fulbright with a strong foundation of academic, professional, and personal experiences/skills, enabling them to have meaningful and impactful opportunities following graduation.

Career Services’ commitment and the above principles will manifest themselves as programming, services, and resources. During your time at Fulbright, you can expect access to opportunities such as (but not limited to):

  • Career Coaching
  • Career Fairs
  • Signature Internship Programs (e.g. Venture Fellows Program, Social Impact Fellows Program)
  • Employer Site Visits
  • Experiential Learning Program (e.g. academic research, internships, service learning)
  • International Exchange
  • Workshops (e.g. skills development)
  • Work Study Program

Read more about key programming, services, and resources below.

  • Career Coaching

    Career Coaching is an integral and highly personalized service for students to reflect on their experiences and interests, explore opportunities, and to receive guidance and inspiration for how to prepare for what’s next.

    We will be the first to say that your interests will grow and change over time, much like yourself. While we understand that they will change, through a series of deep self-reflection and open exploration, you may begin identifying themes in your experiences that resonate with you. Drawing out these themes and understanding them will be a foundation for you to chart your course at Fulbright and beyond!

    Students can arrange to meet with a Career Coach to review a resume, prepare for an interview, or discuss broader career aspirations. We also work closely with prospective employers to support students in learning about and recruiting our students.

  • Experiential Learning Program

    Fulbright’s commitment to active and whole person learning, and employability of our graduates requires that all students engage with an experiential learning opportunity (referenced as experience” from here on) at some point during their undergraduate careers.

    Broadly, experiences” are defined as learning that occurs embedded in the actual context (and under the supervision) of an expert or practitioner, and not in a classroom environment.

    Specifically, experiences” are defined as internships, service learning, and/or independent research/production. The Experiential Learning Course, administered under the Experiential Learning Program, serves as a unifying community aspect, where students will critically reflect on and share their work. The Experiential Learning Course ensures that all Fulbright students are learning in fulfilling experiences.

  • International Exchange

    While opportunities abound on-campus and in Ho Chi Minh City, Fulbright students will also benefit as members of a global campus. Students will gain from the insights of visiting scholars and speakers through formal coursework and informal engagements.

    Similarly, Fulbright will begin offering study abroad opportunities in the next few years, as well as connect with other institutions for academic exchanges within Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.

    For instance, students might enjoy arts and music courses at a local conservatory or collaborate with peers at another university’s lab with a specific area of research.

    Exploring the arts, sciences, or humanities from a different perspective and country will deeply influence our students’ abilities to think more broadly and creatively about solutions to Vietnam’s challenges.

  • Work Study Program

    Fulbright’s Work Study Program provides students an on-campus, paid and part-time professional opportunity to gain working experience while attending Fulbright as a full-time student.

    Students can develop and apply their skills learned through Fulbright’s diverse hiring departments, and work on projects and tasks that would not typically be afforded to undergraduate students. This allows students an opportunity to explore their personal and professional interests on-campus.

    Under the Work Study Program, students have worked with Admissions and Financial Aid, Career Services, Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, Learning Support, Library, Student Life, and the Undergraduate Program.

  • FAQ

    • I am a prospective student. What career opportunities exist for me if I join Fulbright?
      Our students come to Fulbright with a wide range of interests and passions. As a liberal arts, sciences and engineering university, we foster these diverse interests through our courses and advising. All students have opportunities for one-on-one advising and connections with industry leaders and mentors. We encourage students to pursue internships during the summers and where possible during the academic year; we will also pursue experiential learning opportunities in connection with certain courses.
    • Will Fulbright get me a job?
      Fulbright is not responsible for directly securing any of its students’ employment following graduation. Instead, the Career Services team will work with you over your four years to hone your career readiness skills. Through workshops, advising, career fairs, site visits, and mentoring relationships, we will equip you with the skills necessary to search and compete for jobs that fit your goals and interests.
    • Are there jobs available on campus?
      All students will be made aware of work study positions, as they come up. When there is a position vacancy for students, Career Services will send an email to all students, along with instructions on how to apply. Students will also be eligible to apply for internships (paid and unpaid) and volunteer roles as they become available on campus.

For Employers

  • Why work with Fulbright students?

    Our students are unique in many ways as individuals, and their Fulbright training makes them particularly valuable to your organization. Our liberal arts curriculum ensures students build a wide set of competencies and skills. From day one, our students work in diverse teams to develop projects, learn to execute deliverables of the highest quality and on time, gain skills to address conflict and provide feedback, and hone creative problem-solving capabilities. While most university graduates can offer employers technical knowledge in their area of study, Fulbright graduates will bring that and the employability skills necessary to grow and improve your business.

  • Employer & Speaker Testimonials

    Their professionalism, dedication and versatility really impressed me. Both are eager to learn and open to new and challenging assignments.” — Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn, Assistant Managing Editor @ Zing News

     [Fulbright interns] are bright students with an excellent attitude and approach to work. They didn’t mind taking on new challenges and unusual assignments, which requires a lot of creativity and courage.” — Trịnh Khánh Hạ, Co-Founder & General Manager @ Vulcan Augmetics

     I found it so interesting to working with a Fulbright student. They’re brilliant, proactive and creative.” — Vũ Vân Anh, Program Coordinator @ PeaceTrees Vietnam

    90% of Fulbright students at the festival have seen the film and have questions and hypotheses that strike directly at the heart of the film. Their vision gained my respect. Sometimes during the talk, the students had me and Wowy Nguyễn on the edge of our seats, so much so that at the last minute, I was forced to say something I never disclosed about ‘Rom’ before, even during the PR trip for the movie! … I believe they will be the future of Vietnam.” — Trần Thanh Huy, Director & Filmmaker

  • How to get connected

    We welcome and encourage employers to consider Fulbright students for internships and post-graduate employment. We are happy to arrange on-campus recruiting and information sessions for interested organizations, as well as share job opportunities with our students.

    All information can be directed to Trang Truong, Career Services Manager ( or Careers Department email (