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Supporting your wellbeing

Fulbright Wellness Center envisions a healthy, safe, and vibrant environment at Fulbright that supports and empowers all to succeed through mental health wellness strategies. College is an incredibly exciting time for new explorations, new friends, and new interests. At the same time, these new opportunities and changes may bring out stress as students are trying to balance the demands of both personal and academic lives.

We offer wellness services within the whole-person approach through wellness programs, counseling, and safer community services.

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Counseling Service

Counseling can help you to cope with emotional concerns in your study or university life, including stress, anxiety or depression, loneliness, unpleasant thoughts or feelings, relationship and family issues, motivation and so on.

No concern is too big or too small.

Our counseling service is private, confidential, free of charge, and available for all Fulbright students. We offer the service in both Vietnamese and English, depending on your preference.

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Wellness Programs

We develop, implement, and deliver outreach and educational programs to the student population on wellness topics, among other things, including stress management, consent and boundaries, self-compassion, relationships, and healthy living to increase student wellbeing.

Our programs are designed to promote care, health, respect, and connection within the Fulbright community.


Wellness Ambassador Program

The Wellness Ambassadors support Wellness Center in our mission to raise awareness on wellness resources, how to live healthy lifestyles and ways to achieve their goals through peer-based initiatives and events. Wellness Ambassadors are peer educators who play a vital role in creating a culture of whole-person wellness within the community by promoting participation and engagement in wellness programs, campaigns, and services.

The Wellness Ambassadors run weekly session of Wellness Teatime, offers a safe, non-judgmental space for Fulbright students to talk and be listened to, as well as an opportunity to find out about other sources of support available at Fulbright.

Safer Community

At Fulbright, we are committed to providing a safe environment for all students to study and explore.

Safer Community is a central point of enquiry, response, and support for concerning, threatening, or inappropriate behaviors, including sexual harassment or assault. If you are feeling unsafe or unsure what to do, we can help. We’ll listen to you and explore options with you. Your wellbeing is our priority, and you decide what you think is most appropriate. Conversations are confidential unless you give your consent to involve others.

Our service is private, confidential, free of charge, and available for all Fulbright students.

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Accessibility Service

Accessibility Service at Fulbright University Vietnam is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for students with disabilities, long-term illnesses, and/or mental health conditions. We collaborate closely with Learning Support and the undergraduate faculty to develop and implement personalized Learning Plans that cater to your specific academic needs. Our aim is to provide the necessary ongoing support, allowing you to engage in your studies on par with your peers.

We strongly encourage students to proactively schedule an appointment with us at their earliest convenience.

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