Help us reimagine the university

Fulbright University Vietnam is a Vietnamese university, drawing on the American liberal arts model, and committed to serving Vietnamese society through innovation in teaching, learning, and discovery.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Fulbright provides a world-class education to undergraduate and graduate students from Vietnam and beyond.

We seek outstanding academic and professional staff to join our growing team.

Fulbright’s team thrives on a passion for educating the next generation; we are creative, adaptive, determined, and must have a good sense of humor. If you want to see Vietnam’s youth meet their greatest potential, join us!

Our Crescent Campus is located in Crescent Plaza, Phu My Hung, in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7.

We will call this home while we develop our flagship campus, which will open in the coming years.

Open positions

  • Volunteer

    Fulbright benefits from the passion of many volunteers, who provide pro bono services in strategic and administrative capacities. We welcome short and long term volunteers. If interested, please submit a CV and brief note indicating your interests and areas of expertise to

  • Multiple Open Faculty Positions: Fulbright Undergraduate Program

    Who we are: We are Fulbright University Vietnam, Vietnam’s first independent, non-profit, liberal arts university. We are an expanding international team of educational innovators, with deep roots in Vietnam, strong political and financial backing, and connections to educational institutions around the world.

    We believe in the power of collaboration, transdisciplinary thinking, and risk-taking, and we understand that effective education requires putting students at its center.

    What we are doing: We are embarking on the project of a lifetime: building an entirely new, non-profit university in Ho Chi Minh City. With substantial financial support from the US State Department, USAID, and a variety of private donors, we are designing and building Fulbright University Vietnam’s flagship undergraduate program: a 21st century liberal arts education that spans engineering, arts and letters, and the sciences.

    We seek to create an institution that can transform the lives of young people, address the pressing needs of Vietnamese society, and ultimately point the way toward a new approach to high quality education in developing countries. You can learn more about our institution at

    The opportunity: Join Fulbright as a Founding Faculty Member for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help imagine a new approach to education from the ground up. With the help of a select cohort of undergraduates, we have just embarked on an inaugural Co-Design Year to develop Fulbright’s core curriculum and institutional principles in preparation for our first full academic year in Fall 2019.

    As we continue to grow, Fulbright seeks scholars and educators who care deeply about developing students as whole people and citizens, kindling their curiosity, and preparing them to lead in an uncertain world.

    Our diverse body of students is exceptional, both within Vietnam and internationally. The admissions process is highly competitive, with students selected on the basis of academic excellence, community-mindedness, eagerness to learn, independence, innovation, and autonomy.

    Located in Ho Chi Minh City, our institution is in one of Southeast Asia’s most rapidly developing and dynamic cities, offering a blend of traditional and modern cosmopolitan life.

    To apply: If you share our values, have creative energy and great ideas, and have or expect to have a terminal degree or equivalent experience in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, or engineering, we would love to hear from you.

    Applications are welcome on a rolling basis, however those received before November 15 will receive primary consideration for the next hiring cycle. Please apply at this website:

    Visit for more information.

    Fulbright University Vietnam is dedicated to building a pluralistic learning community that in its composition reflects the diversity of Vietnam and the world. Our commitment to diversity is rooted in our respect for the dignity of the individual and in our dedication to fostering mutual understanding.

    We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, physical or mental disability, status as a protected veteran, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, parenthood, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation or belief, genetic information, or other legally protected status.

  • Director of Student Life, The Undergraduate Program

    We are seeking a Director of Student Life to serve as an advocate, advisor, and a primary node of resources for students in both academic and non-academic pursuits.

    Scope of Work

    The Director of Student Life will work within the college’s existing academic policies and student code of conduct to support students in residence life and activities, health and counseling services, as well as providing guidance and support to individuals and groups around personal and social issues.

    At Fulbright, as a startup institution, most of such infrastructures have not been created, therefore their creation and development will be a priority for the founding Director of Student Life. The position will be expected to report directly to the Chief Academic Officer.

    The Director of Student Life is also required to collaborate directly with the Director of Undergraduate Program, and Chief Institutional Culture, Innovation, and Assessment Officer to craft a meaningful learning experience for all students at Fulbright.

    The Director of Student Life works directly with a team of Student Life and Advising staff, which includes live-in Residence Advisors, to respond to student needs while developing and innovating institutional structures to support this team and all students.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The Director of Student Life’s duties and responsibilities include:

    Leadership and Management

    • Create and oversee the Student Life Office (SLO) to ensure a rich and diverse array of student life activities.
    • Manage all matters related to residential life for undergraduate students, including housing, meal plans, room and board, health and insurance; create and maintain a healthy residential life for students throughout their Fulbright journey.
    • Work with SLO staff to develop and implement a student advising structure, including life and career advising, student activities and events.
    • Develop and manage various policies for students, such as Student Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, Student Clubs Policies.
    • Develop, implement, and maintain protocol for incidents involving students, including, but not limited to, sexual and gender-based harassment, assaults, and discrimination.


    • Manage the communication strategy for the SLO, including communication with incoming and current students.
    • Serve as the primary contact with parents of undergraduate students, member of the Emergency Response Team, and act as the liaison between the faculty and parents. Work with a designated team and RAs to communicate with parents on various matters, especially when there is an incident involving a student on and off campus.
    • Hold training spaces for staff, faculty, and students on various student-related matters, such as mental health, behaviors and conducts, sexual and gender-based harassment, assault, and discrimination.

    Cross department collaboration

    • Act as a thought and strategic collaborator to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chief Academic Officer, and Chief Institutional Culture, Innovation, and Assessment Officer.
    • Serve as a liaison and coordinate student life activities and initiatives between undergraduate and graduate students in the Master of Public Policy programs.
    • Work closely with faculty and other offices, including Admissions and Financial Aid, Human Resources, Finance and Communications to maintain healthy coordination across offices on student related matters (e.g. student health, wellness, and residence life and activities).
    • Work closely with the academic team in developing and maintaining students’ academic policies. Troubleshoot and problem-solve individual, interpersonal, and institutional issues and misconducts involving students.


    • Perform administrative due diligence of maintaining records, giving reports, with occasional domestic travels.

    Other duties

    Contribute to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; explore new opportunities to enhance the services of the department; help others accomplish related job results as and where needed.



    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in education, psychology, social studies, public administration, or related field.Master’s degree in one of those fields is an advantage.


    • Minimum 5 years of experience working in higher education or related field.
    • Minimum 3 years of working experience at management level.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Demonstrated commitment to working in education and Vietnam
    • Having a creative and imaginative vision for student life while being willing to adapt to a given set of norms in Vietnam
    • Experienced in being an advocate and a mentor to young people
    • Demonstrated ability of staying composed in emergency, and of managing difficult incidents
    • Demonstrated high level of emotional intelligence to negotiate and mediate tensions and conflicts involving students
    • Strong facilitation skills, especially in holding training, workshops, or spaces for difficult dialogues
    • Working proficiency in Vietnamese
    • Some degree of familiarity of working with young people in Vietnam or of Vietnamese descent

    How to Apply

    Please email a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and resume to The position will remain open until filled. Applications must be received by October 25, 2018 for fullest consideration. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for further process.

  • Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

    The Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs will provide administrative support to the faculty of Fulbright University Vietnam in their day-to-day activities at University for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The position will be expected to report directly to the Chief Academic Officer.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The Administrative Assistant’s duties and responsibilities include:

    Execute general administrative tasks

    • Serve as a public contact for the Undergraduate program and answer general enquiries from faculty members, students and other departments regarding the program.
    • Assist to schedule faculty meetings, prepare materials, take and distribute minutes.
    • Prepare needed academic materials (print, scan, copy, etc.).
    • Liaise with course coordinators and fellow administrators in sending information to students.
    • Provide administrative support to the faculty.

    Perform academic affairs support

    • Deal with the registration of students for courses or academic activities. Alert faculty of problems in this area.
    • Prepare attendance rolls, and track students’ attendance when needed.
    • Coordinate students’ leave request in compliance with the Undergraduate program’s procedures.
    • Support faculty by forwarding translation requests to Translation team.
    • Distribute course materials.
    • Collate feedback from students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders to pass on to relevant persons at the University.

    Support on organizing academic events

    • Coordinate with other departments to organize academic events by preparing and distributing invitations, and tracking participants’ confirmation, and other relevant activities.
    • Support other departments for major Fulbright events including interviews, workshops, conferences, admissions, and graduations.

    Assist with overflow work for Chief Academic Officer

     Other duties

    Contribute to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; explore new opportunities to enhance the services of the department; help others accomplish related job results as and where needed.



    • Bachelor Degree in any discipline


    • 1-3 years of working experience at a similar position for a multinational organization

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Vietnamese
    • Excellent organizational capability and time management skills, highly organized multitasker who works well in a fast-paced environment
    • High sense of customer service and interpersonal skills, including tact, discretion, empathy, and cooperation
    • Ability to control emotions and remain calm at all time
    • A keen understanding of the duties and competencies of different roles
    • Positive contribution to the team and willing to take various tasks as required
    • Willingness to problem-solve and propose more effective procedures and protocols for improving academic operations
    • Proficiency in MS Office Applications

    How to Apply

    Please email a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and resume to The position will remain open until filled. Applications must be received by October 22, 2018 for fullest consideration. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for further process.

  • Multiple Faculty Positions, Open Rank: Fulbright School of Public Policy And Management

    Fulbright University Vietnam (Fulbright) seeks applications and nominations for two faculty positions in the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM). The positions are open with respect to rank and field. Preference will be given to applicants in the following three categories:

    • Public management, administration and leadership (including negotiation and communication)
    • Macroeconomics
    • International trade policy
  • Residence Advisor

    We are seeking applications for the Residence Advisory (RA”) position from recent graduates of liberal arts and science colleges.  The RAs support students’ personal growth through structured and intentional learning opportunities, foster intercultural community building in the dormitory, and cultivate interconnectedness among students, staff and faculty through associate work and program development

    Scope of Work

    RAs are guides, mentors, and advisors for the Fulbright student body. RAs serve as a role model for students while contributing to the development of the University’s programs and initiatives. The RA position requires a high level of responsibility and flexibility; RAs should expect to have evening, weekend and holiday commitments when students are in residence.  They will live in the residences together with students, speak English all the time, inspire and take care of these students, supporting life in the residences and other extracurricular activities in arts, sports, culture, etc.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Essential duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Full-time residence in the dormitory of Fulbright.
    • Providing intentional programmatic and tailored support for students.
    • Helping students to practise English language, learning and life skills everyday
    • Participation in the on-call duty rotation schedule and providing assistance to students in cases of
    • Collaborating across campus to engage in community development within and between the dorms, including advising student organisations, college councils and student
    • Work 8-16 hours per week in various Associate positions* in offices across
    • Assisting with University-wide programs and events throughout the
    • Attending regular team meetings with other RAs and student support staff.
    • Administrative duties as assigned
    • Participating in on-going professional development and training as and when required

    * Associate Positions – In addition to advising and providing residential support to students, RAs also hold Associate Positions in which they are matched with an additional office in the University. The Associate Position is intended to offer RAs the opportunity to pursue their professional and intellectual interests in such a way that contributes to the broader work of Fulbright. Associate roles include research assistance, wellness, intercultural engagement, residential life, admissions, communications and outreach.

    Other duties

    Contributes to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; exploring new opportunities to enhance the services; helping others accomplish related job results as and where needed.


    We are seeking applicants who have held leadership roles as undergraduates and/or invested themselves in their own college communities. Specific eligibility requirements include:

    • Proficiency in all English language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading)
    • Recent college graduate with 0-3 years of professional experience. Vietnamese students graduating from universities overseas in Spring 2018 are encouraged to apply
    • A strong interest in the liberal arts and sciences
    • Prior experience with student life and residential life (i.e. Residential Advisor, Freshmen Counselor, Athletic Teams, etc). Being familiar with wellness / health / clinical techniques is a big advantage.
    • Demonstrated leadership experience and an ability to mentor/advise students
    • Eagerness to engage with a diverse community across different nationalities, cultures, religions, ethnicity, and beliefs
    • Creative and flexible thinker who brings a proactive approach to problem-solving
    • Prior international experience is very helpful
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team to meet expected deadlines and schedules
    • Knowledge and interest in working in a college environment is preferable.

    Benefits & Support

    RAs are hired on an 11-month contract (July-May). Each RA receives competitive compensation, shared housing in a furnished suite with students, use of University facilities, and a comprehensive health insurance plan. RAs are also eligible for a phone allowance.

    How to Apply

    Please email a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and resume to The position will remain open until filled. Applications must be received by October 8, 2018 for fullest consideration.  Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.

  • Financial Aid Associate

    We are seeking a Financial Aid Associate to support the establishment and operations of Fulbright’s need-based financial aid program. This is a unique opportunity to help craft Vietnam’s first fully need-based financial aid program, an integral component of Fulbright’s educational mission.

    Scope of Work

    The Financial Aid Associate will report to the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, and work collaboratively with colleagues on the admissions and financial aid teams, as well as colleagues from other teams such as outreach, communications, and academics.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Support the life-cycle of Fulbright’s need-based financial aid program including:

    • Communicating Fulbright’s financial aid approach to prospective students, families, and the public through school visits, public events, and social media
    • Analyzing financial aid forms and interviewing families to assess applicants’ financial circumstances
    • Managing data confidentiality and security
    • Providing reporting to philanthropic donors
    • Conducting post-mortem reviews of the financial aid process to identify ways to improve subsequent cycles

    Support other teams as needed, especially on projects and tasks related to student outreach and admissions.

    Other Duties

    • Contribute to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; exploring new opportunities to enhance the services of the department; helping others accomplish related job results as and where needed.

    Preferred Qualifications

    • A good understanding of the socioeconomic context within Vietnam
    • Ability to analyze complex qualitative and quantitative data to assess financial need
    • Effective project and process management skills
    • Willingness to travel extensively to meet with prospective students and families
    • Strong alignment with Fulbright’s educational mission and a passion for education
    • Willingness to work collaboratively and flexibly on projects beyond their work scope
    • Excellent Vietnamese and English communication skills (both verbal and written), especially the ability to communicate effectively with students and families

    How to Apply

    Please email a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and resume to The position will remain open until filled. Applications must be received by October 21, 2018 for fullest consideration. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for further process.