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The Center for Entrepreneurship
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Inspiring the innovator in you

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is Fulbright’s flagship effort to embed entrepreneurship and innovation into the core of Fulbright’s culture and academic programs.

CEI holds a mission to nurture entrepreneurship, an innovational mindset and actions by providing knowledge, tools and opportunities for hands-on practices.

The Center focuses on three main pillars: entrepreneurship, business innovation and social innovation. With our three core principles, namely (1) multi-disciplinary, (2) problem-based, (3) human centric, CEI will empower stakeholders from both inside and outside Fulbright to go after Vietnam and the region’s toughest challenges.

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Our Mission

To nurture entrepreneurship, an innovational mindset, and actions by providing knowledge, tools and opportunities for hand-on practices.

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Our Vision

A pioneering platform to help students, faculty, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to discover the innovators within themselves & become THE INNOVATOR(S) they aspire to be.

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Our Programs

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Level 1 includes awareness-raising activities such as workshops, training, seminars, short courses and networking events to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation. These activities often last less than one week.

Level 2 includes longer-term activities that help participants practice their initial entrepreneurship and innovation knowledge in real-life cases. At this stage, participants need close monitoring and hand-holding support from CEI and other experts. Activities in this level are often in the form of internship programs, competitions and challenges. These activities often last less than one month.

Level 3 includes activities that last from 3 to 6 months whereby participants assumes much higher ownership of their projects and carry them from the beginning to the end of a project life cycle. Acitivities in this level are mostly in the form of startup incubation programs, and long-term open innovation labs. Participants can only join Level 3 when they master the knowledge and skillsets acquired from Level 1 & 2.

Our Projects

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Social (S): Human-centered Innovation Bootcamp (HIB)

HIB is an intensive 3-day program aiming to develop students’ capacity in human-centered innovation. Participants engage in learning processes to understand the fundamentals of human-centered innovation and its practical applications in solving social problems. It provides important tools to understand human behaviors, problems and needs. The program also fosters critical thinking, analysis, and networking among peer student innovators.

Entrepreneurship (E): Venture Fellows Program (VFP)

VFP is a highly selective program that every year sends 20-25 FUV students to intern in startups in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The program aims to expose students to a professional working environment, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and expand their network.

Business (B): Industry Labs

Batch 1: Fashion & Textile (March 2023)

Batch 2 : Education (June 2023)

This flagship program fosters the relationship between FUV and its industry partners by addressing business challenges through an open innovation model. In this program, teams of up to 10 students (from both FUV and its partner universities) receive intensive training and mentoring, and apply a multi-disciplinary, human-centric, and innovative approach, to deeply understand business problems. The program exposes students to a professional working environment, fostering a creative problem-solving mindset and expanding their network. The duration varies between 3-4 weeks for Level 2 and 3-6 months for Level 3.

Entrepreneurship (E): Outbox

Outbox is an incubation program assisting potential student entrepreneurs in navigating uncertainties in building new companies or products. The three month program includes both a self-paced virtual program, team-based activities, weekly challenges and 1-on-1 coaching with CEI and other experts. The program is designed for early-stage founders and requires at least one team member from Fulbright University Vietnam.

Social (S): Social empowerment challenges

Project 2023: Mekong Water Challenge 2023 (MWC) is an open innovation laboratory addressing water issues in the Mekong Delta. The program aims to raise awareness of water issues, encourage open innovation, and develop practical solutions to enhance the resilience of Mekong Delta communities.

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Our physical facility is located on the 5th floor of our Crescent Plaza campus at 105 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

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