At Fulbright, we are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, ensuring that regardless of your educational background, you are provided with the support you need to not just survive, but thrive in your university studies. Transitioning from high school to college always requires you to adapt and acquire new skills, and this is even more true at Fulbright, where our philosophy of education and learning may be quite different from what you have experienced before. These differences can be difficult to navigate, but the Learning Support team is here to help.

Who We Are

Learning Support Services

Learning Support’s goal is to help you reach your full potential in your academic work. To achieve this goal, we provide several branches of support. All one-on-one mentoring and advising provided by the Learning Support Team is confidential.

  • 1-1 consultations with the learning support team

    Learning Support team members are professionals with expertise in English language learning and academic skill building. You can access individualized learning advising on skills such as academic reading and writing, pronunciation, presentation skills, and more for up to 1 hour each week.

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    What our students think:

    Tam helps me a lot in designing my plan of studying English and I find it useful.”

    The friendliness and creativity of Pam have helped me a lot on my way to approach abstract academic concepts.”

  • Skill-building workshops for students, staff, and faculty

    The Learning Support team offers group workshops on many English and academic skills, such as presentation skills, reading strategies, and academic integrity.

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    What our students think:

    I think the academic integrity workshop is a very informative workshop since it successfully informs us students about one of the most crucial skills to pursue our academic journey.”

  • Peer mentor program

    Peer mentors are a team of students who have achieved success in an area of academic, language, or course-related skills and want to support you and other students in getting the most out of your academic journey. While English and academic skill mentors specialize in specific linguistic or academic skills, course mentors specialize in certain courses or content knowledge. In addition, recognizing that academic writing is one of the most challenging university skills, writing mentors are available to support you in any stage of the writing process. This team of students provides needs-based individual mentoring, as well as leading study groups.

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    What our students think:

    My mentor’s method of reading discussion and then writing an essay later helped improve both my writing and reading. She is more of a learning buddy to me than a teacher, and it’s a good thing.”

  • Disability support services

    True access means not only acceptance, but the support you need to thrive. If you have a learning disability, disability support services is here to provide you with proper support and assistance to embrace your learning differences as well as be adaptive to thrive in the Fulbright learning environment. We can help you explore your own learning styles, utilize your strengths, and identify and overcome the weaknesses in your learning habits.

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