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Welcome to the Fulbright University Vietnam Course Catalogue. This searchable database shows undergraduate courses taught since Academic Year 2021 – 2022.

This list is representative: not all courses will be offered in every semester; teaching faculty may be subject to change.

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The Art & Science of Wellbeing

What makes life worth living? Which people are the happiest? Can money buy happiness and wellbeing? How can we maximize our wellbeing? This innovative course is designed to answer these questions and more by examining the fundamentals of happiness and wellbeing. You will also have an opportunity to develop a range of evidence-based practical skills […]

Modern Southeast Asia

This course cross-lists with Vietnam Studies. It will allow students to replace Vietnam in the context of Southeast Asia, explore its relationship with its neighbors and new perspectives of its modern historical development. It will help Vietnam Studies students understand regional differences in culture, cultural values, social attitudes, and approaches to history and politics.This course […]

Global Environmental Literature

The title of the course suggests two important themes that will orient our discussions and readings: First, how does literature reflect and represent the super/natural world? Second, how do those representations differ across cultures and geographies? What does that tell us about human relationships to the world around us, as well as how heterogenous those […]

Climate and Water: The physical science basis and key processes

This course will brief the key processes of hydrology and meteorology, two intertwined Earth-science disciplines that focus on the terrestrial water cycle. The students will first be introduced to the fundamental sciences governing the climate and hydrological systems, represented by a wide range of variables such as precipitation, wind, air pressure, evaporation, (sub)surface water, and […]

Chinese Foreign Policy Making: Vietnam, U.S. and Beyond

With its expanding economy and ever-deeper international integration China is playing an increasingly significant role in the world affairs. Under such circumstances it is nearly impossible to foresee further international developments without understanding how China approaches the world and what shapes its behavior. How can we make sense of how China makes its foreign policy […]

Introduction to Video and Film Production

This video and film production course will introduce students to the basic elements of recording and combining image and sound using various kinds of digital equipment. We will also explore important technical and theoretical concepts associated with the moving image, such as editing, dialectic, representation, and protest. We will cover basic narrative structure and script […]

Signals, Systems and Control (NEW)

Signals are everywhere. By definition, a signal is any observable change in quantity over space or time. It could help observers to obtain information about a phenomenon. In nature, signals can be actions done by organisms to alert other organisms or sounds or motions by animals to alert other animals of danger or food. Advances […]

Transatlantic Fashions (NEW)

This course examines the rise of the modern fashion system through key texts across the French, British, and American literary traditions from the 19th-century to present. Through texts, both fiction and non-fiction, we chart the emergence of the ˜modern fashion system and learn how fashion mediates our understanding of a literary text. By the 1860s, […]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (NEW)

This 300-level course provides students with an evidence-based theory to understand human nature. the roots, manifestations, and consequences of nonadaptive behaviors according to the theory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through multiple exercises of conceptualization using fictional and real-life cases, students will learn to make simple assessments, construct basic treatment plans with suitable intervention strategies and […]

How to Share Your Stories on the Silver Screen: Film Production in Contemporary Vietnam

This course offers both practical knowledge and screenwriting training. In the practical knowledge section, we will be examining the current state of film production in Vietnam (from the beginning of the 21st century until the present day) by analyzing several popular production models: state funded films, films partially subsidized and commissioned by the government, privately […]

Computer Vision (NEW)

Computer vision is gaining its applications from facial recognition, human pose tracking, and interactive entertainment to medical imaging and autonomous vehicles. This course provides students with fundamental concepts in computer vision including image formation, camera modelling, feature extraction, motion estimation and tracking, and classification. It also introduces basic methods for applications such as camera calibration, […]

American Drama since 1900 (NEW)

This course introduces students to the modern and contemporary American stage since 1900. Students will read/watch canonical plays by Lillian Hellman, Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, and Arthur Miller, etc., and learn to appreciate theatrical and literary devices and American dramaturgy of the 20th and the early 21st centuries. Besides the selected canonical plays, students will […]

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