October 21, 2018

Where you expand your horizon

October 21, 2018

Minh Ha confessed: “To be honest, the decision to study at Fulbright is one of the most suitable decision I’ve made for myself. Many told me that choosing the best school is more important; but for me, the most important thing is to find a place where I can truly feel belonged.

I love social activities and Fulbright is one of those places that provides me with the skills, the knowledge, the passion, and even the partners to help me realize my dreams.

What I love most about Fulbright is that you know your professors and your friends will help you explore your ideas, no matter how crazy or naive they may seem.”

According to Da Ly: “I am not saying that Fulbright is better than any other universities; but Fulbright is definitely different from what I perceived a university would be like.

Life at Fulbright is as open as you are willing to expand your horizon. I now have to wake up early to do homework instead of staying up late like before, but that is my choice.

I now have to work on different small projects with my classmates. Unlike before, when I had to explore new grounds and find resources on my own, now I have all the help I can get from the Fulbright community, from how to shape my ideas to how to realize my them.”

Phuong Thao shared: “When I came to Fulbright, I started realizing what it is like to be respected, to express my thoughts freely without the fear of being judged, and to build my own future.

Fulbright is an open environment that allows us to think out of the box. Our ideas can be crazy at times, but they are definitely unique.

Everyone here is friendly and supportive. The tea ladies are willing to share food with us anytime. The nice photographer always takes nice pictures for us to post on Facebook. The professors do not hesitate to play games together with us in the dorm. And there are many more stories like that. Fulbright is a family.

In my last feedback I have to Ms. Pam, I told her that Fulbright was beyond my expectation. I could imagine what a university would be like in other countries such as America, Canada, or Singapore. I also knew that Fulbright would be an open environment. But honestly, when I study at Fulbright, I think it is even better than what I imagined.  

At Fulbright, we can choose to focus on what we are really interested in. We can freely share our thoughts and have the opportunity to follow through with our ideas. I have to say there is no boundary to limit our creativity at Fulbright.”

With Thuc Khang, “if you like to explore, to experience new territories, my advice for you is to apply to Fulbright. Fulbright is a place that always welcomes you to express your true self. Studying at Fulbright, you will become a real adult, living indepently away from your family.

Fulbright gives me the opportunity to be as creative as I can be, to pursue my dreams, or even to explore my limits so that at the end of the day, I have to say: “Wow, I’m actually very good.” And that is Fulbright.”

To Thuy Linh, “the environment at Fulbright is something so unique that I get to experience for the first time. At Fulbright, everyone is equal, even if you are a student, a faculty, or a staff.

If you don’t hesitate to dream and challenge yourself in a completely new environment, I think Fulbright may be the right place for you.”



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