November 1, 2018

First Halloween night: Bloody Crescent

November 1, 2018
The event was started from some jokes about impossible ideas, created by all the kids with their fear of doing something had never been done before, together we made a night of memories to remember.

The ideas were popped up by the excitement of a newborn club, of all the members trying to have the greatest debut to Fulbright community. For that reason, there was no limitation for creativity. I always believe that if the kids have a place for them to talk about all their craziest ideas, let their creativity do its job, that is when the most beautiful picture is painted.

“Escape room?”, “Scavenger hunt?”, “Amazing race?”, all great, and how about a twist at the end? Who dares to allow the students control the electricity, the electromagnetic door, and the sound system of the whole campus? Then when chị Linh said: “I am so into these freak ideas, go ahead and I will check the campus policy for you!”, we knew that we had found “the place”.

Because the organizing team was about one third of the Co-designers, so we decided to conduct the task by the strategy “do your own things” in order to save the fullness for the event. All the members from logistic, communications and design team had no idea about what the content team was doing to create the clues for each room, and the ending of the game. Similarly, the video script of communication team to promote the event was also a secret for other team members.

We were giving a new working strategy a try, that’s why there were always troubles popped up along the process: miscommunication, misunderstanding, workload overlap, or workload had no one in charge, together led to the inevitably frustration and desperation for all the members.

We organized everything with the hidden feelings of confusion and uncertainty, “Will anyone complain us about leaving this here?”, “How do people feel about this thing?”, “Is this good enough?”, “What if…”, and thousand more. When facing with the uncertainty, giving up was an easy choice, however, as a team, as all the childish, burning eagerness to finish the thing we started, we pushed each other up, gave each of us a trust in what they were doing, and that was what made me so proud of.

The event named “Bloody Crescent”, simulated the motif of Escape room, where the players have to solve the code to get out. We had 4 main themes, including Hospital, Hotel, School murder and Escape prisoners, each of which was combined by 2 small rooms.

Each room was decorated in a creepy, nebulous style, from a bloody hand uncovered next to a wrapped, fake corpse, to the red-light room, or a girl wearing áo dài suddenly ran from the School Murder room. All of those details remarkably contributed impressive, unforgettable memories for our attendants.

When all the players thought it was snack time, there was a video call showed on the screen said that a Co-designer had been kidnapped along with the campus key. That was the last room that all players needed to escape, and they had to cooperate in order to find the key.

The event officially ended with a surprised twist made by the reckless members.

Fulbrighters always know how to show their supportive ethic in the loveliest way. After the event, everybody stayed to help cleaning up all the room decorations. Especially, when the attendants together said “Thank you” to the club members, we felt like all our effort has been recognized and appreciated, even more, we felt truly happy.

Our first event had a ton of mistakes, inevitably imperfect, but our emotions throughout the process, were the most complete and genuine ones.


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