September 4, 2018

First few weeks at Fulbright

September 4, 2018

25 Co-Design students participated in Fulbright University Vietnam’s College Bridge Program. This summer English language and college skills development program was taken place prior to the start of the full academic year later.

“This Program created an environment for students to enhance their competences among their academic skills. It was a little bit vague to say or to observe exactly how better we had been through the academic lens after the Bridge, but one thing for sure, we had been prepared enough confidence and readiness for the upcoming years.

This was also the time when we first met each other, together created all the first time experiences and memories, built a concrete base of a small, close-knit community.

Moreover, with our one-month experience, we became a go-to spot for the rest of Co-designers  to seek help in their first few weeks at university” – Co-design students’ feedbacks to Fulbright.

This self-produced video by Co-designers capturing moments of their first month living in Fulbright Campus.

“Let’s take a look back at #Ourjourney, the summer journal of the Co-designers in their Bridge Program!”

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