March 7, 2018

What Do My Children Do After University?

March 7, 2018

Doctor Dam Quang Minh is one of the pioneers at FPT University that has developed an internationalization strategy for the university, including recruiting international students for teaching at University in Vietnam, obtaining international accreditation . “…They will take care of themselves for themselves. They will know what to do in order to make themselves happy. They will do something so that they can develop. That is a great value of a liberal arts education.”

With 16 years experience in education, Dr. Dam Quang Minh said he experienced many views when exposed to parents and students. And, the most important question he usually receives is “What does my child do after?”

“It is not unreasonable for the benchmark of certain industries to be as high as they are. Because the need for work is still a consistent desire, there are constant difficulties. So, when trainers hope for something slightly different it is difficult,” said Dr. Minh.

But besides this, he shared, the process to find the solution to the problem is very difficult in and of itself. The story of graduation should be a welcome moment in business and society. These students are supposed to be the best products of any higher education system. However, he described that not only are these products not welcome, but they also can not find their own place in society.

This shows that there is a difference between college training and the pragmatic needs of society. The fact that stories of these good students from selective colleges struggling is not difficult to observe. In fact, it is quite common.

With an education in the liberal arts, Dr. Minh says you capture the spirit of education: a mature man is a person who can take care of himself. With maturity in all aspects, especially in thinking and preparation of gaining a wide knowledge, self-driven employment of each student will happen and should not be of concern to parents and students.

“One thing is certain, if your child is in a liberal arts university, you do not have to worry about your child applying for a job. They will take care of themselves for themselves. They will know what to do in order to make themselves happy. They will do something so that they can develop. That is a great value of liberal education.”

Sharing about the failures of the general university, Dr. Minh said that the key issue is that the time in university is not spent appropriately. Another factor is that Vietnam wants to apply changes too quickly even though society is not ready.

“I think that currently society is much more willing. But it is not yet possible to replicate, we must build trust. We founded a liberal-arts-leaning university group, and I believe more and more schools are joining the idea of such educational values. At that time, the training of the university is not only training vocations but also training real humans: those who can change, be flexible, and be capable of thinking deeper,” said Dr. Minh.

Dr. Minh, referencing a recent report on the 4.0 revolution, said that about 57 percent of jobs in the near future will be sharply affected by the new industry.

“We prepare our children for a 5-year school without having a point of going to the school for the time period after. Without a rapid change in the structure of university education and the approach to higher education, the implications will be big. I would like to have more people sit down and bring to the table something that is more social and more knowledgeable about liberal education.”

Fulbright University Vietnam and Vietnam-Japan University co-hosted a conference on the Liberal Arts in Hanoi, Vietnam on October 16, 2017


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