December 5, 2018

Vietnam as Fulbright’s classroom

December 5, 2018

19 Co-Design Year Students in the Introduction to Vietnamese History and Culture course are currently in Hue City (Central Vietnam) for one week. Hue is known as the land of historical and cultural heritages of Vietnam. It is also home to five UNESCO heritage sites.

Two Founding Faculty of Fulbright: Dr. Nguyen Nam and Dr. Andrew Bellisari have designed Hue as their ideal classroom for Introduction to Vietnamese History and Culture.

Students are looking at the history of the city to illuminate Vietnam’s history broadly and the forces that shaped imperialism, nationalism, and revolution. Experience-based learning also means a lot to students, not just their intellect but also their senses, their feelings and their personalities.

“In high school, we saw pictures in textbooks to show history. Now, we’re looking at it up close and learning different stories interpreting it,” said Co-Designer Nguyen Cao Minh Thao. “Professors Nam and Andrew are challenging us to rethink how we look at our country’s development.”

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