March 1, 2020

University Announcement: Campus Calendar

March 1, 2020

With the continued uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak, the leadership team at Fulbright University Vietnam has decided to close our campus to undergraduate students until the end of March 2020. However, the first floor is still open for the operations of the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management as needed. Faculty and staff will have access to the campus for limited office work and course development, but not running classes. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff.

While the campus is closed, Fulbright remains virtually open. A number of undergraduate courses will continue to be delivered online. We are proud of our Fulbright students, faculty and staff. They have been giving every effort to build a community of co-learners who always care for and respect each other. They have taken this challenge as an opportunity to co-design and explore new ways of learning with innovations in education technology. For that, we ask our entire community to embody the “Fulbright spirit,” to look out for one another during this difficult time and lead with care and respect.

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and communicate with students and staff as new information becomes available. More resources are available on our internal communications channels.

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