• Undergraduate

Nguyen Hung Son

Adjunct Faculty Member in Computer Science

Hung Son Nguyen received the Ph. D. in 1997, D. Sci. (habilitation) in 2008 and he is working as a professor in the University of Warsaw. His main research interests are fundamentals and applications of Rough set theory, data mining, text mining, bioinformatics, intelligent multiagent systems, soft computing, and pattern recognition. He has published more than 140 research papers in edited books, international journals and conferences on these topics

Hung Son Nguyen is  a fellow of the International Rough Set Society, and a member of the Editorial Board of international journals, i.e., “Transaction on Rough Sets”, “Data mining and Knowledge Discovery” (from 2005-2008) and “ERCIM News”, Computational Intelligence and the Manager Editor of “Fundamenta Informaticea”. He has also served as a program co-chair of RSCTC’06 and ’RSKT2012, IJCRS2018, as a PC member of various other conferences including PKDD, PAKDD, AAMAS, RSCTC, RSFDGrC, RSKT, etc., and as a reviewer of many other journals.

He was involved in numerous research and commercial projects including dialog-based search engine (Nutech), fraud detection for Bank of America (Nutech), logistic project for General Motors (Nutech), Semantic Search Engine, Intelligent Decision Support System for Firefighting in Poland, RID – Development of Innovative Transport System and Recommendation system for fashion and cosmetic branches.