September 21, 2022

Open House 2022: An immersive academic experience at Fulbright

September 21, 2022

As per tradition, the Undergraduate Admissions Office invites students, parents and other educational enthusiasts to participate in Open House 2022. 

Open House opens an opportunity for participants to experience actual academic activities at Fulbright through a series of quality demo classes in diverse majors. Especially, as our campus is back to normal operation, besides some offline demo classes, we also welcome visitors to explore our learning spaces and facilities, as well as original works of current Fulbright’s students. 

Timeline of Fulbright Open House:

🌝 7:00 or 7:30 PM, Thursday, Sep 29: Online Demo Classes 

🌝 7:00 or 7:30 PM, Friday, Sep 30: Online Demo Classes 

🌞 8:00 AM, Sunday, Oct 2: Offline Open House (including Demo Classes, Campus Tour & Student Exhibition)

🌞 10:00 AM, Sunday, Oct 2: Audit Online Demo Classes 

📌 Register here to join the demo classes: 

* The detailed information will be sent to your  email address and phone number as registered in the Form. 

👉 Below are sessions you may join in this Open House event:

❇️ Shoshana Zuboff’s Surveillance Capitalism theory: Information technologies and economic, social, and political dynamics — Social Studies Major — delivered by Dr. Tobias Burgers

Aiming to acquaint students with the broader subjects of social studies, this class seeks to introduce students to crucial questions about the role and impact of technology on societies. Using Zuboff’s surveillance capitalism model, the lecture will demonstrate how technological advancements have profound societal and social consequences. By discussing Zuboff, and her analysis of social media platforms, the students will be encouraged to develop an initial understanding and thinking about the role and socio, economic and political impact of social media companies in contemporary societies. 

❇️ The heart of mathematics — Mathematics Major — delivered by Dr. Văn Phụng Trường Sơn

People say mathematics is logical. What does that mean? What is logic, even?  What does it mean for someone to be logical? Are there laws of logic? What are they? Is being logical better than not being logical? Does anything make sense without logic? Then, what is mathematics, really? More practically, can you make people happier by using mathematics? Believe it or not, not all of these questions have answers. Let’s try to think about them together.

❇️ Properties of Life — Integrated Sciences Major — delivered by Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Dung

At the most fundamental level, we may ask: What is life? Even a kid can realize a cat or a tree is alive, while a rock or a bike is not. Yet the phenomenon we call life defies a simple definition. We recognize life by what living things do. Biology, the scientific study of life, is a subject of enormous scope, and exciting new biological discoveries are being made every day. In this lesson, we will learn about the characteristics of life and apply them to identify an item as living or nonliving. 

❇️ How to See the World: Artists and Historical Technologies of Vision — Art & Media Studies Major — delivered by Dr. Pamela Corey, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Dr. Linda Zhang, Dr. Lương Ngọc Trâm 

In this demo class, we will briefly introduce the Art & Media Studies major and show how art history, studio art, photography, and media studies come together in a presentation about optical technologies, perspective, and realism.

❇️ Engineering Exploration — Sciences and Engineering Major — delivered by Dr. Trương Trung Kiên and Dr. Đoàn Nhật Minh

This course helps students explore the Engineering program at Fulbright University Vietnam and introduces them to how Engineering classes often happen.

❇️ East Asian History: A Disorientation Session — History Major — delivered by Dr. Mark Frank

My 50-minute teaching demo will combine elements of lecture and open-ended discussion. I will first talk about the history of modern cartography and its impact on the way we view world regions like East Asia. I will further challenge the coherence of “East Asia” as a historical and geographical category by demonstrating that other ways of thinking about geography are equally valid. I will then present what I think are the strongest arguments for thinking about East Asia as a unit of historical analysis. During this time, I also want to elicit students’ own thoughts about regional geography and learn how they see East Asia in relation to Vietnam. 

❇️ Challenging Nam Tien: The Forgotten role of Southern Non-Kinh peoples in the formation of Modern Vietnam — Vietnam Studies Major — delivered by Dr. Nic Weber

In this lecture, I would like to challenge some well-known theories regarding history, for instance the concept of ‘Nam Tien’ or ‘Movement Southward’. My goal in this lecture is to offer you some perspectives on Vietnamese history by emphasizing on its diversity and the contribution of non-Kinh peoples to the development of modern Vietnam. National history is often featured as the history of a majority or a dominant group. Therefore, I would like to invite you to look at Vietnam’s history not through the viewpoint of the Kinh but through the lens of ethnicity

❇️ Economics: What is it about? —Economics Major — delivered by Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Lan, Dr. Phan Tuấn Ngọc, Dr. Khiếu Văn Hoàng. 

What is economics? Is it all about money? This class will provide a clear understanding on the definition of economics and what economists are doing. We will also understand how microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, which are three main pillars of economics, are positioned in the field.

❇️ Introduction to Machine Learning — Computer Science Major — delivered by Dr. Phan Thành Trung and Dr. Huỳnh Việt Linh

What is machine learning (ML)? This class will provide a clear understanding on ML and how ML is applied today. We will also understand how supervised, and unsupervised learnings are used in real-life applications.

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