March 22, 2022

One more NP Family scholarship for Class of 2026 applicants

March 22, 2022

Mr. Nguyễn Phương Lam, the donor of Nguyễn-Phương Family Scholarship, has confirmed the opportunity for Fulbright University Vietnam’s Class of 2026 Spring Cycle applicants to apply for this scholarship if the Selection Committee finds a suitable candidate. The Committee will award one (01) more full tuition scholarship to incoming Class of 2026 students.

Upon this confirmation, Fulbright University Vietnam and VietSeeds Foundation are honored to announce Nguyễn-Phương Family (NP Family Scholarship) opportunity for Class of 2026 Spring Cycle applicants. The university has awarded NP Family scholarship to one (01) admitted student from Priority Cycle and will expand the opportunity to one (01) student from Spring Cycle.

The NP Family Scholarship will award one or two scholarships covering full annual tuition fee in maximum four (04) years to one or two incoming student who exemplifies the change-maker spirit. More details on the Scholarship, Criteria and Renewal could be found HERE.

Throughout the NP Family scholarship interviews on March 1st, 6 candidates from Priority Cycle have impressed the Selection Committee with excellent performance and mature thoughts. Mr. Nguyễn Phương Lam (the philanthropist/ Selection Committee member) excitedly shared after the interviews: “Our family is thrilled to observe that Fulbright Vietnam University continue attracting students with compassion, strong motivation, and leadership potentials. Building a young generation of empathetic leaders and training them with pay-it-forward spirit is the best way to spread positive impacts in Vietnam’s society.”

The spirit of the scholarship is to help form generations of Vietnamese leaders/changemakers (in all fields of society) for a more humane, kinder world – a world built on solidarity instead of competition; a world focusing on broad human development and social sustainability instead of just economic and material development; a world based on the principle that the meaning of human life is in the being, and not in the having.

The scholarship recipient will receive full tuition fee support for maximum four years at Fulbright from Nguyễn-Phương Family Scholarship’s funds. Housing expense and stipend support will be considered based on their family’s financial circumstances and will be funded by Fulbright University Vietnam or VietSeeds Foundation (if any). In this case, students will be required to complete another application as regulated by VietSeeds.

Spring Cycle applicants can read more about scholarships at Part 6.1 – Scholarships in the admissions application at

The deadline for scholarship applications in Spring Cycle is 14:00 Sunday, May 15, 2022.


The admissions application for the Spring Cycle of Class of 2026 can be created at:

The deadline of Spring application is 14:00 Monday, April 25, 2022.

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