September 27, 2018

New Course at FSPPM

September 27, 2018

From 1 October 2018, students in Master of Public Policy 2019 (MPP 2019) began their new course of Communication & Negotiation.

The course is designed to help students understand popular media means (i.e. newspaper and social networks) and utilize these tools in their public service work effectively, particularly in handling media crises.

Additionally, the course equips students with negotiation fundamentals and strategies (e.g. psychology, corporate behaviors, and game theories) and practical negotiation skills to achieve consensus in the organization.

The course is structured into 2 components with 2 lecturers responsible separately for each part. Nguyen Van Phu is responsible for Communication sessions, and Christopher Balding is responsible for Negotiation sessions. Lectures from teachers only accounts for 45 minutes during one class meeting.

Remaining time is devoted to group debates, class discussions, practical exercises, and students’ presentations.

With 20 years experiences in journalism, Nguyen Van Phu is the former Managing Editor of Saigon Times. He was also the published author and translator of many English and business books.

Christopher Balding is a lecturer at Fulbright University after many years teaching for international universities abroad.

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