November 21, 2018

Love even late-into-the-nights

November 21, 2018

Dear teachers,

It’s a privilege for my academic journey to be filled with respected faculty.

I met my first teacher at 4, after having been refused by 7 kindergartens. No one really wanted a quiet child who is sick and pale. Only she was willing to take care of me, and for the first time, I received love from someone other than my family.

My lucky streak went on, with an English teacher who scolded me on the first day of class, but proceeded to give me a two-week free tutoring course. Another whose classes I remained clueless in for 3 years (Chemistry, if you wondered), but still he insisted on calling me “intelligent” and supported me pursuing my passion unrelated to science even after graduation.

Such “cheerleaders” made me believe I must have done something right to deserve their trust, made me feel capable. Empowered. Worthy.

And then there is this one university.

“Here at Fulbright, I watched in awe while professors break the limit of education everyday.”

Advisors, partners, buddies, co-learners… the many roles they play redefined “teaching.” Ask, and you shall learn what you want, regardless of major and interest. At Fulbright, we speak often of flexibility. Learning is never bound within a class, it happens everywhere, anytime. From Crescent Campus to our dorm, spreading across Ho Chi Minh, all the way across Vietnam and beyond. Whenever we go, the skills we taught remain opportune. Applicable. How convenient.

I haven’t updated much on college life for the past 2 months, because I’m too busy living it. I belong here, love even late-into-the-nights-cursing at reflection papers, the soulless expression hearing my name called for a meeting (that I sometimes miss or arrive late, my apologies).

All this growing would not have been possible without the devoted faculty of Fulbright. For that I thank you. Thanks for the talks, the lectures, for wearing traditional Ao dai, or simply for asking “What happened to your blue hair highlight?” (Mom said I looked like a parrot and dyed it back, tragic).

Truong Nguyen Hoai Minh

(Co-Design Year Student – Letter for Teachers Day)

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