December 10, 2018

Live while you’re alive

December 10, 2018

“Untitled, 2018” is a Digital art collection created by Nguyen Thanh Minh Tam, a Co-Design Year Student. His art work in the Fulbright Art Lab is supported to promote innovative ways.

He describes his collection:

“My life (personally) is a series of tiring and busy working. Therefore, the small moments of life turn out to be valuable than ever, since those are the moment when we temporarily forget out things and live at the present, and appreciating those moments make me feel like “my current self”, when I look back at all of ,my attempt, as well as be conscious my own limatation; to be genuinely “alive”.

Using the image of a fictional character, who bears many similarities with me, but the character himself and the moments are able to be captured in a drawing. Combining the realistic world with fictional factors is such a great connection for me to express clearly the feelings that just simply exist in the mind.”

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