August 5, 2017

Jack Tate and Fulbright Everest Launchpad initiative

August 5, 2017

Jack Tate is an American millionaire who fully sponsored 40 scholarships to 40 students who come to Ho Chi Minh City to learn English as part of Fulbright University Vietnam’s Fulbright Everest Launchpad initiative.

For the past 15 years, Mr. Tate has considered Vietnam as his “second home”, which budded from his love with a Vietnamese woman, who unfortunately passed away in an accidence.

Selling the famous Baby Superstores chains for half a billion USD, he chose to use most of his fortune for philanthropic pursuits, helping underprivileged Vietnamese children have better access to education and healthcare.

Jack Tate shared that his aspiration is to bring as many ‘love bombs’ to as many Vietnamese people as possible – just like the name of his charity organization: “Love Bombs Fund”.

Jack Tate supports Fulbright University Vietnam because he wants to realize his dream, in which some day, Vietnamese parents will choose the Vietnamese education and the life in Vietnam for their children, instead of sending them to study abroad in the US and settle there.

“But to do that, they need an international-quality English-taught program at a university like Fulbright so that these parents can relocate the destination of their dreams,” he shares.





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