Fulbright’s Career Day 2022 – The Future of Work


On April 23, 2022, Fulbright’s Career Day was organized at our Crescent Campus to facilitate students’ engagement with a diverse group of partners, while companies recruit resourceful and creative talent through on-site resumé assessment and individual interviews. With a liberal arts education program at Fulbright, this exposure enables students to not only explore a breadth of professional experiences and opportunities, but also foster a supportive network for their future careers.

This year, Fulbright welcomed  30+ partners including well-known names such as Ernst & Young, Jardine Matheson, KPMG, P&G, VNG, Uniqlo and many more. Among those partners, 11 partners joined the second time. The program also featured 03 panel discussions, which were hosted to offer more insights on different industries and on the topic of the Future of Work. 

“The Career Development team is excited to broaden our partners network this year, from up-and-coming startups to household company names. This year’s Career Day is also proud to focus on “The future of work”, a key theme that the Career Development team has been bringing to our students as they prepare for an increasingly evolving world,” Vincent Phạm, Career Partnership Development Manager shared in his opening remark. 

Mr. Vincent Phạm, Fulbright’s Career Partnership Development Manager, is delivering his opening remark

Active participation, especially from 1st and 2nd-year students

One of the distinctive features of Career Day at Fulbright was that there was such a great number of  freshmen who participated and proactively initiated conversations with employers. Out of 200+ attendants, there were nearly 60% from Class of 2025 and nearly 30% from class of 2024. 

“For a first-year student, Career Day gives me a clearer picture of the job market for Psychology and Economics, two majors that I’m interested in. Talking with these companies’ representatives here, I feel more confident to choose my major for my third and fourth years,” shared Hoàng Anh Phương (Student of Class 2025)

“Fulbright and Uniqlo established partnership in 2019. I’m impressed by the proactive spirit of Fulbright students, especially first-year ones, in asking questions and building relationships with recruiters. Today, our team offers students opportunities to join the Uniqlo Manager Candidate program. This program aims to build a workforce that not only become our staff or employees but also to become our future managers or directors,” expressed  Lisa Diệp Phan, Head of Human Resources, Uniqlo Vietnam. 

At Career Day this year, TopCV, a curriculum vitae and resumé writing platform in Vietnam which serves as a connector between recruiters and candidates, offered student on-site resumé assessment. Starting off his exploration with this consulting service,  Nguyễn Đắc Hoàng (Student of Class 2025) shared: “Joining the consulting session with TopCV, I realized there are many aspects in my current CV that need improvement. For the CV’s layout, besides using templates, I was advised to include more essential information to optimize my job applications. I also learned how to negotiate with recruiters on benefits and manage my workload to limit [overtime].”

For representatives from Jardine Matheson, one of Fulbright’s strategic partners, the conversations initiated by young students fueled their passion in achieving a globally competent workforce. 

“Students are actively reacting to what we’ve said about our business. Questions followed by questions. It’s great to have a lot of conversations with students,” shared Anna Champion, Head of Early Careers at Jardine Matheson. Elaborating on his colleague’s point, Quang Trần, Jardine Executive Trainee further explained: “There are two main types of questions: one is about the companies and the other is how they can prepare, not only for applying to Jardine, but as a graduate entering the workforce. One word to describe our conversations with students is “natural” since we get along really well and from our side, we enjoy so much.”

Ms. Anna Champion, Head of Early Careers at Jardine Matheson, engages with students in a conversation

Two representatives from Jardine Matheson are sharing their company’s stories with participants

The Future of Work 

At Career Day, the Career Development team at Fulbright also organized three interesting panel discussions, focusing on three topics:  The Future of Work is Here (panelists from Ernst & Young, L’Oreal Vietnam, and VNG Corporation), Career Prospects and Emerging Trends in Arts and Media (panelists from En Pointe Management and two creative freelancers) and The Future of Work in Education (panelists from BHL Education Group, Fulbright, and Manabie). These panel discussions attracted more than 50 attendees each.

“The Future of Work is Here” panel discussion

“In the era of digital automation, things are changing rapidly and some work are taken over by machines. The job market is constantly reconstructed, and we have to constantly up our skills to meet the demands. Employers no longer seek those who fit the [Job Descriptions], they evaluate applicants’ skills to assign the suitable tasks instead,” asserted Ms. Phạm Thị Thu Thảo, Head of Talent Management & Organization Development at VNG Corporation

Ms. Phạm Thị Thu Thảo, Head of Talent Management & Organization Development at VNG Corporation is talking about the reconstruction in recruitment process

Upskilling and interdisciplinary learning are also the trends for those who have been working in the art industry. “Those who work in art and produce creative works have to constantly learn and develop new artistic capabilities. It is essential to the craft, yet it is not enough. In this world of business, creative people also have to be innovative to manage productivity, using strategies such as the design thinking framework. We call it managing the “workflow” in the arts. It is so important, especially for those projects involving many people. Being disciplined helps keep us on track and drive us forward in this industry in the longer run,” Ms. Kay Nguyễn, Film Writer, Director and Producer.

Ms. Kay Nguyễn, Film Writer, Director and Producer is sharing her observations on future of work in creative industry

Thanks to the untiring effort from the Career development team, interns, volunteers and partners, Fulbright’s Career Day 2022 was a great success. It enables us to look forward to a promising future which “is going to show what a transformative liberal arts education can do in the workplace and beyond,” our Career and Partnership Development Manager Vincent Phạm concluded. 


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