December 8, 2017

Fulbright University Vietnam will become a leader in higher education

December 8, 2017

Fulbright University Vietnam Chief Academic Officer believes in the future of this institution and hopes to shape it.

There is a similarity in how Quest Canada University, where Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot worked for eight years before joining Fulbright University Vietnam, worked to pursue a model of education similar to Fulbright.

At Quest, Dr. Derby Talbot has four years of work as Vice President and Academic Director. Quest ranks highly in North America in terms of student satisfaction, educational attainment, and student engagement.

Under his leadership, Quest doubled the number of full-time faculty, improved the quality of its undergraduate program, and launched initiatives to enrich the student’s learning experience at Quest.

In his vision on his commitment to academics at Fulbright, Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot hopes to design an undergraduate program that combines the best values ​​of the liberal education tradition with the most innovative approaches. When teaching and learning, he hopes to equip students with knowledge, skills, and the mentality they need to succeed in whatever areas they choose to pursue.

He wants to inspire students and faculty to work with communities in Vietnam, contribute to the nation’s development, and preserve and enrich the cultural heritage of Vietnam.

“In developed and developing countries, there is growing concern that older education models do not help students prepare for the unprecedented opportunities and challenges of the world today. My goal is to make Fulbright University Vietnam as a leading university in the creation of higher education in the world,” said Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot.

Wellesley University Honorary President Kim Bottomly highly appreciates Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot for his leadership experience, as well as his strong commitment to the teaching and learning experience of students. She cited his passion and enthusiasm for the special opportunities and challenges that come with creating a new university from the start.

Fulbright University Vietnam President Dam Bich Thuy and Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot aim to promote a learning community where students and teachers will interact and bond with each other both inside and outside the classroom, where they learn how to handle taking risks and supporting each other, and where they seek ways to contribute their talents and capabilities to Vietnam and the world


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