September 14, 2022

Fulbright University Vietnam implements a new interview round

September 14, 2022
For the Undergraduate Class of 2027 admissions process, Fulbright University Vietnam has decided to implement the new Alpha interview round besides the usual Beta interview round. Each eligible applicant is only required to participate in one (01) interview. Alpha and Beta interview rounds carry the same admissions weight; therefore, applicants’ choices of interview type will not influence admission decisions.
To help applicants in choosing the interview option suitable for their personal plans, Fulbright introduces four (04) points to differentiate two (02) types of interviews:
1️⃣ Interview time
🟡 Alpha interview round will take place prior to the admissions application deadline of each cycle
🔵 Beta interview round will take place after the admissions application deadline of each cycle
2️⃣ Registration
🟡 Applicants are able to register for Alpha interview round before the admission deadline. There are four (04) steps in the registration process, as following:
✔️Step 1: Register for the Alpha Interview round at:
✔️ Step 2: Start an online Admissions and Financial Aid application at and take note of the Applicant ID (27FXXXXX)
✔️ Step 3: Prepare a personal CV to share with Fulbright Admissions Officer at the time of the interview
✔️ Step 4: Choose an interview time slot under the guidance of Admissions Student Assistants from Fulbright
🔵 No self-registration option for Beta interview round. Only shortlisted applicants from the application round will be invited to participate in Beta interview option.
3️⃣ Interview format
🟡 Alpha interview round can be conducted online or in-person at Ho Chi Minh City or at the provinces that Fulbright Admissions Officers visit.
🔵Beta interview round will be take place online.
4️⃣ Applicants’ benefits
🟡 With Alpha interview option, applicants have chances to finish their admissions process early and receive valuable feedbacks to complete their application.
🔵 With Beta interview option, applicants have more time to carefully prepare for their application and the following interview.
Please direct your inquiries regarding admissions and financial aid at Fulbright to the admissions team’s Facebook page at or via email at or via our hotline 028 7303 7788.

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