June 21, 2022

Fulbright University Vietnam announces new Sports scholarship for incoming and current students

June 21, 2022

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – In alignment with the mission to nurture young Vietnamese with diverse backgrounds and talents, Fulbright is honored to announce the Fulbright Sporting Scholarship to Fulbright’s students starting Fall 2022. To further the collaboration between Fulbright University Vietnam (Fulbright) and Max Sports Entertainment (MSE), the owner of prestige sports brands and platforms in Vietnam including Saigon Heat professional basketball team (SGH) and Vietnam University Games (VUG), this scholarship will be an important step to build the first true collegiate sports program in non-sport universities in Vietnam. Our aim is to construct an inclusive Fulbright community with diversity not only present in demographic backgrounds or academic achievements but also in the variety of talents and aspirations.

Our Sporting Scholarships will give talented students the opportunity to benefit from the sporting and academic environment at Fulbright. These scholarships are to be awarded to student-athletes who demonstrate aspirations to compete to the highest level within their sports, starting this first year of the program with male basketball. The scholarship could cover up to 100% tuition fee. Scholarship recipients will be reassessed annually based on their contribution to the Fulbright basketball team development, sport achievements, and academic requirements.

In addition, the student-athletes will enjoy access to special training programs that will be developed between Fulbright and MSE. Such programs will also open opportunities for the student community at Fulbright to get access to professional sports and intramural sports programs, which would enhance the student and residential life at Fulbright. To apply to these scholarships, students need to demonstrate exemplary traits of Sports Achievements, Community Mindset and Academic Excellence. Class of 2026 Spring applicants, newly admitted and current students may find more information on selection criteria and application process in an official email sent by Fulbright University Vietnam.

About Max Sport Entertainment (MSE):

MSE is the pioneering organization owning the leading sports and basketball ecosystem in Vietnam with brands like Sports-Skills Academy (SSA), Saigon Heat (SGH) and Vietnam University Games (VUG). MSE is one of the founding owners of Vietnam’s first basketball professional league – VBA. The group believes in the impact of a Unified Sports Culture to connect people and influence the future, therefore creating multiple sports generational properties & aiming to innovate the ways in which Vietnam and ASEAN countries experience sports entertainment.

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