Fulbright students can soon apply for further Human-Centered Engineering training in the U.S.


Recently, a delegation from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University of California, Irvine (UCI), visited Fulbright University Vietnam to discuss further collaboration between their engineering departments. Both parties agreed to foster high-quality engineering education, creating more opportunities for students pursuing Human-Centered Engineering at Fulbright.

Through this occasion, students can:

  • Attend two courses, GRE preparation and technical writing, at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering in the final undergraduate year
  • Take up to three graduate-level engineering classes in the final year to fast-track the completion of a master’s degree in engineering at UCI or other U.S. universities in the 5th year
  • Complete their Capstone or Senior Design Project under the joint supervision of two instructors from both universities
  • Have many internships and work opportunities in the U.S. during their studies and after graduation

Associate Professor Dr. Lily Wu, Faculty Director of the International Programs at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, shared with Fulbright students about UCI

“Engineering education at UCI is ranked among the top 34 quality programs in the U.S. This partnership will help many students passionate about Human-Centered Engineering dive deeper into specialized knowledge by their choice. The foundational knowledge and transferable skills acquired during the first three years at Fulbright will be a cornerstone for students in their next steps,” shared Dr. Truong Trung Kien, Chair of Engineering of Fulbright University Vietnam.

Fulbright students in Hunan-Centered Engineering actively divided themselves into small groups to ask the UCI delegation further questions

Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine is in sunny Orange County, California. The school is known for its excellent geographical location, learning and living environment, and support from many high-tech enterprises in Orange County. In 2023, UCI was ranked 8th among the nation’s public universities on U.S. News & World Report’s list of “Best Colleges.” Its engineering faculty includes internationally renowned scholars and researchers, 14 of whom are National Academy of Engineering members. Three UCI researchers have also won Nobel Prizes.

Teachers from two schools took photos with students majoring in Human-Centered Engineering at Fulbright’s Makerspace

The partnership is also known as the “Engineering 3+2” program, organized jointly by UCI and its trusted partners. Out of the universities in Vietnam the UCI delegation visited, Fulbright University Vietnam is delighted to be the first to sign a memorandum of understanding with this fastest-growing school in the University of California system. The quality of facilities, Fulbright’s prestige, and the dynamism of Fulbright students are many factors resulting in a reliable relationship between the two institutions.

Lan Khanh (centered), a Class of 2020-2023 student, is working on a Capstone project related to applying signal processing techniques and machine learning to separate fetal electrocardiogram signals and detect diseases early. Her project is under the co-supervision of two professors from both Fulbright and Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Under the partnership with Fulbright, UCI aims for the program to help students earn two degrees in five years—a bachelor’s degree from Fulbright and a master’s degree. Students will complete three full academic years of courses at Fulbright and study abroad at UCI for the remaining two years. During the first year at Irvine, each student must take selective UCI engineering courses to fulfill graduation requirements from Fulbright.

Earlier this May, Fulbright announced its first “3+1+1” program with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) regarding global training offerings for Fulbright engineering students. Implementing the partnership between Fulbright and the Henry Samueli School of Engineering marks yet another step by the Faculty of Human-Centered Engineering to diversify students’ study and work experiences in global tech hubs in the U.S., including California and New York.

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