May 2, 2022

Fulbright Fun Run 2022 – “Run” to empower dreams and more!

May 2, 2022

Only 4 days left until the kick-off event of Giving Week – the biggest offline community event organized by Fulbright after a pandemic year. Fulbright Fun Run is open to all Fulbright staff, faculty, students, and their families and friends 

Experiencing the absence of outdoor activities due to the widespread of the pandemic last year, Fulbright wishes to revive the energy of the Fulbright community as well as their friends and family with such an exciting Fun Run. During the run, we can enjoy the fresh morning air, work up a sweat and have fun together. Joining Fun Run, you can sign up for a 2.5km, 5km run or just enjoy a walk around the Crescent area. 

Not only does Fun Run nurture the sense of community, it also offers an opportunity for all of us to support students’ initiatives. For each kilometer you run or walk, Fulbright Leadership will donate $3 to the Student Development Fund. 

By supporting the Student Development Fund, you are giving wings to our change-makers’ dreams and pursuits towards a better and kinder society. This financial resource enables our students, both undergraduate and graduate, to participate in personal and professional development opportunities as well as to carry out social projects that serve Vietnam’s society.   

Continuing on the morning run, there are a series of engaging and arts-related activities which are initiated and organized by Fulbright students: 

Music Show: 6 performances will be presented by our home-grown talents. Those performances will surely stir up the atmosphere and foster our unity as a solid community. 

Human Library: Fulbright students become the “live books” who offer the participants the chance to turn page-by-page to discover their stories of making the social impacts. Vũ Hải Trường – the recipient of Community Change-makers scholarship will tell his story about “Becoming a multipotentialite”; Nguyễn Thị Thường – a diligent student will share about “The Alchemist”; and Đồng Thị Hải Yến – Wheel Cards Scholarship recipient will tell you her achievement “Start-up journey at the age of 22”. And many more “live books” will be waiting for you at the event! 

Art Exhibition: Collecting the visual art pieces made by our students, the exhibition is going to open for the public from this day. 

Giving Fair: Fulbright students’ clubs will hold fun activity booths during the Giving Week. Each booth will display a different student-led initiative and engage the participants with meaningful games. Some booths will come to life on 07/05. 

Please help us extend our warmest invitation to your family and friends. Come to walk, run, dance with Fulbright starting from 7:30 AM on May 7th 2022 to together #EmpowerChangeMakers! 

Sign up for Fulbright Fun Run at: 

Click Going/ Interested in our “Fulbright Fun Run” event to stay updated: 

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