May 8, 2021

Fulbright freshmen won Gold Medal at Mekong Business Challenge

May 8, 2021

A team of four freshmen from Fulbright University Vietnam has surpassed 12 strong competitors from 6 neighboring countries to bring home a Gold Medal at Mekong Business Challenge. This is the first win from a Vietnamese representative in 10 years. The team – Seesaw Vietnam, including Nhat Tan, Do Quyen, Yen Nhi, and Minh Phuong, will represent the whole region to compete in Business Model Competition (BMC) Global in the United States.

Seesaw’s product is a set of gamecards of conversation openers, helps the players understand more profoundly about their family, friends, and themselves. Not only is this game an entertaining activity, it also aims towards enhancing the mental health of the players by improving their connections with others.

Seesaw team members: Nhat Tan, Do Quyen, Yen Nhi, and Minh Phuong

Dao Hai Nhat Tan shares that this game is an idea that she has been cherishing for a long time. However, only when she joins Fulbright that Tan found her like-minded fellows and realized this idea into an entrepreneurship model with serious and methodical investments.

“Our ultimate goal is to have this product on store shelves and introduce it widely to consumers, not just a start-up idea. Although we entered the competition with a very comfortable mentality, perhaps our long-term commitment to Seesaw was what convinced the judges,” Nhat Tan adds.

A unique thing about Seesaw team is that the four members plan to pursue four different majors: Psychology, Literature, Arts and Media Studies, and Economics. The team tribute to their diverse forte for helping them shape this unique product to its finest form from content, design, to development – business strategy.

Do Quyen found the knowledge and skills learned from core courses at Fulbright like Quantitative Reasoning, Design and System Thinking to be profoundly beneficial. During the development process, Seesaw team has also received professional advices from the faculty about psychology, quantitative research, and arts.

The card game’s prototype

With the Championship at Mekong Business Challenge, the team has decided to dedicate all $5000 prize to invest into expanding their project. Seesaw is expecting to have its products launch in July. Seesaw’s victory not only brought pride but also the ambition of a whole generation of young Vietnamese who always believe and constantly strive for a better world.

Bảo Trâm

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