May 30, 2021

Fulbright announces the TPBank STEM and Community Change-Maker scholarships

May 30, 2021

Fulbright University Vietnam (Fulbright) is delighted to announce two new scholarship programs that will broaden Fulbright’s mission to support our current student’s development toward being independent scholars. The scholarships, effective immediately, will be funded by TPBank and Temasek International. They will be awarded to selected students as grants to support projects demonstrating a high level of academic excellence and/or community impact. These grants do not have any effect on existing financial aid packages.

The launch of these two new scholarship programs is a major step toward broadening the Fulbright portfolio of ways to support our students,” says Professor Jay Siegel, Provost of Fulbright University Vietnam. “The generosity of partners and donors like TPBank and Temasek create opportunities that will propel our students to reach new heights in their study and create a positive impact in their society.

 Specifically, TPBank will fund the TPBank STEM Scholarship. Five Junior and Senior undergraduate students majoring in STEM disciplines including Engineering, Computer Science, or Integrated Science will be awarded grants for research projects in their discipline. Temasek is the inaugural donor for the Community Change-Maker Scholarship.  In 2021, four grants will be available to both undergraduate students and students from the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management to pursue projects contributing to the betterment of the broader community.

Expert panels will screen and evaluate scholarship applications according to pre-defined criteria and make a recommendation to the Fulbright University Executive Council. Prospective applicants can find more information on the TPBank STEM Scholarship here, and on the Community Change-Maker Scholarship here .

Professor Siegel added, “Fulbright University Vietnam will continue to work with our partners to expand the number and type of scholarships that will enable high performing students to create positive change in their field and the wider community.

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