December 3, 2017

First Admissions Day

December 3, 2017

Fulbright held its first Admissions Day event in Ho Chi Minh City. The event was held two days after the Fulbright announced the opening of its undergraduate application for the Co-Design Year.

The Co-Design Year 2018-2019 is a unique and special opportunity for higher education in Vietnam.

50 young people will be selected to participate in the process of shaping Vietnam’s first independent, world-class, not-for-profit institution.

The most exciting part of the Admissions Day was when students and parents experienced Chief Academic Officer Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot’s class.

Students knew Dr. Derby-Talbot hrough the demo lecture on the quadratic equation featured on Fulbright’s facebook. This time, he continued to have an excellent demo session on Mathematics.

Video of Fulbright Admissions Day in HCMC:
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