April 22, 2022

Distinguished Professor Chris Matthews comes back to Fulbright University Vietnam and delivers the American Politics course in-person

April 22, 2022

After two years of unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Fulbright University Vietnam is honored to welcome in-person the award-winning journalist Chris Matthews as a Distinguished Professor in American Politics and Media.

Dedicated to his decades-long career in politics and journalism, Chris Matthews is an award-winning journalist, author of eight books, and was the host of Hardball with Chris Matthews, one of MSNBC’s longest week-night talk shows from 1999-2020.

Previously in Spring Term 2021, Professor Chris Matthews, along with his high-profile guest lecturers, has virtually delivered the course on “American Political Communications”. Though being constrained by the limitation of online learning, Chris Matthews’s classes were like a cozy get-together series. Nguyen Vu Tung Lam (Class of 2024) shared: “To me, it was like the professor invited his friends over for a coffee chat and we were just glad to join in that conversation. The beautiful thing about this is that they did not filter out or give us a curated version of that talk like people normally do in the media. They were very willing to openly share with us, a small community at Fulbright, the talk that supposedly only happened between themselves.”

This Spring Term 2022, with Prof. Chris Matthews right at the campus of Fulbright University Vietnam delivering the breadth and depth of American Politics for the first time in-person, the course will only be guaranteed to exceed every expectation. The two-week course starting on April 25 will discuss eight current topics from the crisis in Ukraine to the US Elections in 2022. Enrollment in this course is limited to 30 students, who must complete a written application explaining their motivation for taking the course. The course will also be open to a limited number of external auditors. Throughout the course, Chris Matthews will be accompanied by a number of influential figures not only in America but also the world to enable a large array of viewpoints and foster multi-dimensional discussion, thus, allowing students to hone their abilities for critical thinking, analyzing, and evaluating based on evidence.

I’m excited to visit Fulbright University Vietnam the second time and chat directly with the most ambitious, eager-to-learn young learners after some time teaching halfway across the globe. I can only imagine that I will be gladly challenged, again, with numerous “hardball” questions coming from Fulbright students”, shared Prof. Chris Matthews.

Guest speakers of this American Politics include Michael S. Schmidt, Douglas Brinkley, Jon Meacham, Chuck Todd, Margaret Carlson, Michael Duffy, Donna Edwards, Susan Page, Ron Reagan, Ann Klenk, Bob Gardner, Yamiche Alcindor, Howard Fineman, David Ignatius, Nkechi Nneji, and Eli Stokols.

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