December 23, 2018

Christmas Challenge Week

December 23, 2018

Event Hub and Fulbrighter have experienced the most fun Christmas ever with Christmas Challenge Week!

Christmas Challenge Week which was full of thrilling activities and challenges was the Christmas gift for Fulbrighters from Event Hub with the hope of ‘‘warming up’’ Christmas atmosphere and ‘‘cooling down’’ stressful feelings at the end of the course.  

‘Who is who’’ challenge (Cosplay other people or wear similar clothes) caused a ‘‘messy’’ scene when Fulbrighters wore each other’s clothes or some roommates chose the same style of outfits and looked totally like a twin!

Movie night was really a magical pill which lifted up our spirit in the middle of endless homework and projects.

We had relaxing and warm-hearted moments of drinking up all soft drinks, eating up all popcorn and turning up the sound of ‘‘It’s a wonderful life’’ – an iconic Christmas movie.

Secret Santa was the most anticipated and dramatic activity of all! Standing in front of a table filled with gift boxes, each Fulbrighter must “strain’’ his/her eyes to find his/her gifts and strained every nerve to figure out his/ her Secret Santa with … only 3 guesses!

It was tons of surprise when Secret Santas prepared really suitable gifts for their buddies (‘‘buddy’’ is a gift receiver) although they didn’t know each other much. A laugh-out-loud moment was when a buddy was supposed to be receive a tree from his Secret Santa but mistakenly received a pan.

Christmas Challenge Week ended but it is a start to a warm and joyful Christmas season. What makes the Event Hub most satisfied is that we have completed our mission: bringing the hearts and souls of the Fulbrighters much closer together!

Đan Tam
Co-Design Year Student


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