July 25, 2018

Chris Malone Joins Fulbright University Vietnam’s Board of Trustees

July 25, 2018

Fulbright University Vietnam announced Chris Malone, a Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), will join its board of trustees.

Chris’ engagement with Fulbright University Vietnam started when BCG first advised Fulbright’s business and operating model, helping strategize key decisions including long-term growth, its delivery model, and IT investments.

“At BCG, I am watching Vietnam’s industry and market opportunities transform. Vietnam needs a workforce that is entrepreneurial and strategic as the work itself evolves,” said Mr. Malone.

“I grew increasingly interested in Fulbright University Vietnam’s mission to prepare students for work in this dynamic landscape. I look forward to working with President Thuy and the rest of the board as we turn Fulbright’s mission into reality.”

Chris currently works in BCG’s office in Ho Chi Minh City. He joined the consulting firm in November 2015 bringing more than twenty years of experience working with government and business leaders in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

An established expert in the field of competitiveness and economic development, he advises on issues relating to economic growth, institutional transformation, and business strategy.

“I am glad to welcome Chris to the board. Working with him previously on our university’s design, I have seen how his strategic analysis skills tailored and refined our university’s development,” said President Dam Bich Thuy.

“Furthermore, Chris has shown how much he cares about our students’ futures, which I have seen by his commitment to our success.”

Dr. Kim Bottomly, Chair of Fulbright University Vietnam, added, “Innovative thinking is a central component for Chris’ work consulting in Vietnam. I welcome his addition to the board and his perspective that will help develop Vietnam’s first liberal arts university during these formative years.”

Chris obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oxford and attended the London School of Business’Executive Leadership Program.


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