February 25, 2021

Act Responsible – Think Sustainable

February 25, 2021

On January 16, Fulbright University Vietnam organized Sustainability Fair to connect businesses and non-profit organizations in the environmental field. “Act Responsible – Think Sustainable” was the slogan to raise awareness about environmental issues and foster a sustainable future.

Non-profit organizations such as Change and GreenViet joined the fair to open a dialog with students about environmental pressing problems that Vietnam is currently facing while also introducing their projects and creative communication campaigns to address the matter. Social enterprises like FarGreen and Mood showcased environment-friendly products. Save Son Doong brought their Virtual Reality Tour, which was listed as one of the top 10 virtual tours of the world’s natural wonders selected by The Guardian, to Fulbright campus.

The highlight of the event was a panel discussion moderated by Ms. Le Nguyen Thien Huong, Manager of Fulbright University Vietnam’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, who is also known as Founder of Save Son Doong campaign. Three panelists were Mr. Nguyen Sieu Hanh, Founder of Journey of Youth, Mr. Hoang Duc Minh, Founder of Action for Future, Wake it up, Kindmate… and Mr. Minh Ton, Sustainability & CSR Practitioner at IKEA Southeast Asia.

The panelists discussed three pillars of sustainability: social equity, environmental protection, and economic viability. Being active contributors to local community and the region, they shared the mission and vision of their organizations, their experiences and achievements, as well as their ongoing projects.

Sustainability Fair helps increase Fulbright students’ awareness on how they can leave positive influence on their surroundings, make positive change as an individual or by joining hands and synergizing impacts with a group. The students are faced with a challenge but also granted the opportunity to think about their own actions and contribution to a sustainable economy, a sustainable society, and a sustainable world.

Thúy Hằng


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