November 21, 2018

A Teacher’s Day Full of Fun and Surprises

November 21, 2018

Fulbright’s faculty experienced their first Teacher’s Day in Vietnam yesterday in a very traditional Vietnamese way. Students expressed their gratitude to faculty with beautiful flowers and songs.

“I love social activities and Fulbright is one of those places that provides me with the skills, the knowledge, the passion, and even the partners and professors to help me realize my dreams. Even when our faculty members are piled with work, they still spend time to help us. What I love most about Fulbright is that you know your professors and your friends will help you explore your ideas, no matter how crazy or naive they may seem.

We are grateful for snacks and light refreshments, especially at the end of each month when we run out of money. We don’t have to worry that we have nothing to eat, just sign up for an academic talk and we will be sure to stay full until midnight.

We are grateful for confusing knowledge and methodologies which you leave us digesting to take in all the information. However, thanks to that, we have learned a ton, have been mature and grown up in some magical way. We hold our own accountability in everything we say or do. Dear our beloved teachers, your patience, sense of humor and dedication inspire us to finish homework even until past midnight, to have courage in our idea, and to let us step out of comfort zone.

Our teachers, you are not just faculty members but also family members. A family where we feel we belong”, Co-Designer Nguyen Minh Ha said in the ceremony co-organized by MPP and Co-Design Year students.



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