February 8, 2023

YSEALI Academy Launches 2023 Technology and Innovation Seminar on “Creative AI and the Cultural Influence”

February 8, 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam—The YSEALI Academy at Fulbright University Vietnam (hereinafter the YSEALI Academy) officially announced the launch of its Technology and Innovation Seminar titled “Creative AI and Cultural Influence”. The seminar will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from April 24 to 28, 2023. This seminar is now open for applications until 28 February 2023.

Launched in 2020, the YSEALI Academy’s main mission is to build capacity and enhance leadership skills for young professionals ages 25-40 from across Southeast Asia. To realize the mission, the YSEALI Academy implements a wide range of activities, including four flagship seminars on Public Policy, Technology & Innovation, and Entrepreneurship each year.

The 2023 Technology and Innovation Seminar on Creative AI and Cultural Influence is a 1-week in-person seminar with prior online engagement sessions. The seminar gears toward young leaders who are creative, love to learn about Southeast Asian cultures and are eager to learn the impact of AI technologies on society.

2022 is widely regarded as the year of AI-generated art and text. Powerful software tools that write essays, make art, and compose music have emerged and are leading a new generation of AI technologies that are set to revolutionize creative work.  The seminar will explore creative AI and the role of culture, of which Southeast Asia has a broad diversity.  Artists, writers, and musicians in Southeast Asia are molded in the local culture as well as in the digital culture.  How do we make sure our diverse cultures are properly represented and respected in building these AI systems?  The seminar also discusses the current disruptions and future implications of creative AI in Southeast Asia.  The fellows will collaborate in ideating new ways that creative AI can benefit the region, strategizing the mitigation of risks and promoting our cultural diversity.  Lastly, the seminar will generate awareness of intellectual property and why it is important for Southeast Asia.

The combination of online engagement sessions and a week-long in-person seminar/workshops will be intensive and comprehensive, guiding the fellows on the capabilities of creative AI tools and facilitating critical thinking to make them beneficial for Southeast Asia while mitigating the risks.  The lectures, panel discussions, team projects and leadership training will provide the young leaders with unique skills and experiences in a fast-changing world with regional challenges and incredible opportunities.

The 2023 Technology and Innovation Seminar on Creative AI and Cultural Influence will be open to candidates who are young professionals between the ages of 25-40, highly qualified and motivated, from all 11 ASEAN member countries. Once selected, all participants will be fully funded by the U.S. Department of State to attend the in-person seminar.

📝 Learn the eligibility requirements and apply at bit.ly/yaapply.
❓ For questions, contact yseali@fulbright.edu.vn.

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