May 10, 2019

Video: Senator Leahy: So proud to see how far Fulbright could go

May 10, 2019

Nine U.S Senators enjoyed an open town-hall discussion with 54 Fulbright’s Co-Design Students. They were all excited to learn about Fulbright’s extraordinary journey where students have been given once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to co-create their learning experience with Fulbright faculty.

In a two-hour meeting with the most influential U.S Senators, our Co-Designers passionately shared their vision and commitment to play an active role in shaping a university that can be relevant for themselves and the future generations of Vietnamese students.

Senator Patrick Leahy, Vice Chairman of Senate Appropriations Committee, who has been pushing the funding for Fulbright University said he felt so proud to see how far this initiative could go.

“You are very impressive and unique. You inspire us to take your experience back to the United States”, Senator Stabbenow (Michigan) applauded.

Watch the recap video of our discussion with the biggest U.S. Congressional Delegation ever.

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