March 15, 2019

[Video] Christopher Nguyen: Humans will always have a role in AI era

March 15, 2019

In the  interview with Fulbright’s Director of Communications, Bui Viet Lam, Dr. Christopher Cuong Nguyen shared his point of view on the outlook of AI and the prospects of human’s roles in the AI era.

According to Dr. Christopher Cuong Nguyen, with respect to a lot the automation capabilities that AI represents, it can bring some large-scale displacement in terms of the labor force. However, there will always be a role for human beings in the AI era.

“A lot of young people are quite aware of computing capabilities and hackers. They can apply their skills and their ambitions towards this particular technology.

I think that Vietnam has an opportunity and really the challenge to leapfrog and bypass that and invest its human resources in the machine learning era directly,” he shared.

Christopher Cuong Nguyen is President and CEO of Arimo, a Panasonic company in Silicon Valley, where he leads the development of AI platforms and solutions for the enterprise. He has served as engineering director of Google Apps and co-founded two other successful startups. As a professor, Christopher Cuong co-founded the Computer Engineering program at HKUST. He joins as a board member of the Trust for University Innovation in Vietnam, supporting the development of Fulbright University Vietnam.

Watch the interview here:

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