April 20, 2019

U.S Congressional Staff Delegation visited to Fulbright

April 20, 2019

On 19 April, a U.S Congressional Staff Delegation had an official visit to Fulbright University Vietnam.

Since Fulbright, which is a cooperation project on education between Vietnam and the United States first founded, the institution has welcomed the two U.S Congressional Staff Delegation.

They had a warm greeting and a wholehearted discussion about the university training and teaching activities with the executive board, faculty and Co-Design Year students’ representative of Fulbright. 

They also express interest toward the process of recruiting the first Undergraduate class, the Class of 2023; the diverse backgrounds of students and need-based financial aid program for qualified students, regardless of their socioeconomic status. 

In the motivating conversation with Fulbright students, there is a big surprise when a lot of members of U.S Congressional Staff Delegation have benefited from American liberal arts education, which inspires Fulbright in building from scratch. 

Besides, Co-Designers enthusiastically shared about their innovative and creative education experience tailored to reflect the cultural differences between Vietnam and the rest of the world.

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