August 18, 2023

U.S. Ambassador Marc Knapper visited Fulbright

August 18, 2023

Fulbright University Vietnam welcomed U.S. Ambassador Marc Knapper and the United States Mission to Vietnam delegation to our Crescent Campus on Thursday, August 10, 2023.  

Ambassador Marc Knapper, Fulbright students, tour

Fulbright student representatives recounted our university’s founding history to Ambassador Marc Knapper

Fulbright’s President Scott Fritzen and student representatives took the delegation on a tour of our campus. During the tour, Ambassador Knapper congratulated Prof. Fritzen on becoming Fulbright’s new president. He further expressed excitement and admiration towards the young energetic students of Fulbright, and especially towards their spirit of curiosity and innovation. Fulbright student representatives recounted our university’s founding history as they took the delegation to some of their favorite spots on campus. The library and the Maker Space area are among the hot spots, where some of the most pioneering research projects on campus are happening. 

Ambassador Marc Knapper, Fulbright Students, chatting

Fulbright student cracking a joke with the US Ambassador

Ambassador Knapper’s visit culminated in a short meeting with YSEALI Academy alumni and staff. As the U.S.-Vietnam relations has progressed swiftly over the past decade, Mr. Knapper is happy to see that young leaders are dedicated to improving their local and global communities. 

Ambassador Marc Knapper, YSEALI Academy

Ambassador Marc Knapper’s visit culminated in a meeting with YSEALI Academy alumni and staff.

Fulbright is truly honored to have received Ambassador Marc Knapper and his team on their official visit. The U.S. Mission’s visit stands as a testament to the spirit of collaboration and shared aspirations that both countries value. The visit has not only deepened mutual connections but have also underscored the pivotal role of education in fostering international understanding and progress. 


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