Venture Fellows Program

A highly selective entrepreneurship workstudy program that trains Fulbright students to become entrepreneurial leaders.

The VFP offers an unparalleled opportunity for a select group of elite students, from any major, to gain professional work experience in entrepreneurial, growth-focused companies.

The VFP selection process rigorously assesses students’ potential, in and out of the classroom:

  • Maturity and humility
  • Strong academic performance
  • Community or campus involvement, including leadership experience
  • Demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship

Over the 6-month program, fellows will experience:

  • Pre-internship training program
  • Paid summer internship in fast growing start-ups
  • Ongoing mentorship and coaching
  • Community activities and strong alumni network
  • Structured reflections post-program
  • Our Partners

    Our partners in 2020:

    Our partners in 2021:

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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with renowned academic institutions and entrepreneurship centers in Vietnam and abroad who can offer complementary programming for our students. These partnerships will vary in scope; currently we are exploring residencies at academic institutions abroad, visiting fellowships for professors, shared working spaces, and joint-research.

Academic Program Support

Ongoing provision of various high-impact activities to supplement the academic program, allowing students the opportunity to put theory to practice. This is slated to include office hours with leading practitioners and experts, speaking engagements with notable entrepreneurs and investors in the field, experiential skill-training workshops, and larger-scale events.