June 25, 2019

Special Film about the Co-Design Year

June 25, 2019

Vietnam, as a late bloomer, has the right to take the first steps towards envisioning what a university should look like in the future. This is the story about the Co-Design Year at Fulbright University Vietnam.

From September 2018, a group of students, faculty and staff started a journey to build a world-class university from scratch. In Vietnam. For Vietnam.

For the first time, students are experiencing what it means to shape their own education. They explored, gained new perspectives, and experienced what it meant to learn beyond the classroom.

Building Fulbright has involved trying, failing, and trying again until we got it right. The students started with ambitious projects, fought for what they believed in, and relished in the challenge.

We come out of the Co-Design Year with tears, smiles, and a sense of fulfillment. But, our journey is just beginning.

Producer: Vu Xuan Linh

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