July 3, 2018

Professor Pham Duy Nghia Assumes MPP Director

July 3, 2018

Professor Pham Duy Nghia has officially assumed the position of MPP Director since July, 3 . He succeeds Dr. Huynh The Du, who served as MPP Director for the last four years. In his role as MPP Director, Du has made a significant contribution to the transformation of the MPP program from FETP to FSPPM.

Du is also a program director who is loved and respected by many generations of students.

He is a leading legal scholar in Vietnam and has been with the Fulbright School since 2009.

In mid-2017, Professor Pham Duy Nghia is invited by the Supreme People’s Court to join its 12-member Case-Law Advisory Council.

Before joining FETP in 2009, Professor Pham Duy Nghia was the Chair of the Faculty of Business Law of Hanoi National University’s Law School. He then became the Dean of Law Department of the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City.

In the process of transforming FETP into FSPPM, Professor Nghia initiates the idea of establishing a Leadership and Management Program – a brand-new MPP concentration that FSPPM will begin enrollment this Fall term.

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