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Toan Nguyen

Development Associate

Toan Nguyen is a Development Associate at Fulbright’s President’s Office. He has a lifelong interest in education and works to help people become better. At Fulbright, he takes care of the Presidential Hosts & Development Interns, supports Fulbright’s outreach to the broader Vietnamese society, and works on any opportunity he can find to fundraise for Fulbright.

Before Fulbright, Toan helped people prepare for US History and World History SATs as well as consulting firms’ case interviews.

Toan spent his earlier years in Ha Tinh (his hometown), Ha Noi (his adopted hometown), the State of Massachusetts (where he went to high school and college), and Ha Giang (where he co-founded a tourism business). If you happen to travel to Vietnam’s northernmost commune of Lung Cu, you can check out Homie, Homie Sound, and Homie Love—the three homestays that Toan and his co-founder built in partnership with people of the Lo Lo ethnic minority.

He enjoys doing what he can to help other people.