Patrick Thoendel

English and Academic Skills Instructor

Patrick comes to Fulbright University Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience teaching in 5 different countries, including his home country of the USA. His diverse career includes teaching in conversation schools in Japan, rural secondary schools in the Republic of Georgia as well as teaching immigrants and refugees in the USA. Most recently he has taught in the bridging program at Raffles College of Higher Education in Singapore.

Patrick was awarded a master’s degree in international education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014. Patrick’s academic focus has been on education in low resource and developing contexts with particular attention given to educational practices that encourage diverse and equitable classrooms.

Patrick’s philosophy of teaching is firmly rooted in Freirean pedagogy and the belief that students should be active agenda setters in the classroom. He strongly believes that education ought to be a participatory and cooperative give and take between teacher and students. In Patrick’s classroom students work together to develop those all-important 21st century skills to facilitate personal and intellectual growth not simply to prepare for a professional career.

Outside the classroom Patrick is a devoted foodie and is always interested in sampling new dishes and restaurants. His hobbies include, cooking, yoga, hiking, video games and collecting manga.