Nhan Van Nguyen


Email: nhan.nguyen@fulbright.edu.vn

Fields of Interest:

  • Optical metrology and characterization of advanced MOSFET and optoelectronic materials, and nanostructures including high accuracy spectroscopic ellipsometer (SE), internal photoemission (IPE) spectroscopy, photoreflectance (PR), photoluminescence (PL), and other complimentary measurement tools.
  • Optical and optoelectronic properties and interfacial electronic band alignments of dielectrics and semiconductors, and 2-dimentional (2D) nanostructures
  • Analysis and automation of 2D nanolayers by using convolutional neural network (CNN) machine learning


  • D. in Physics (1990), Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, US
  • National Research Council (NRC) Post-Doc, 1990-1992, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Maryland, US


Dr. Nhan V. Nguyen is a retired research physicist from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He has spent more than 30 years doing research in optical metrology, spectroscopy, semiconductor materials and device characterization. He has planned and designed many research projects and has written research proposals for external and internal funding.  He has succeeded in obtaining research fundings from microelectronic industries and federal government. He has collaborated with many researchers from national and international laboratories, universities, and major optical and IC industrial companies. He also recruited, mentored, advised, and trained undergraduate interns, MS and PhD students, post docs, and visiting researchers. He has published more than 120 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals and has presented many research outputs at international professional conferences.

Dr. Nguyen remains active in his capacity of a research Associate at NIST pursuing various research passion. His current interest has shifted to the area of machine learning which he uses to automate image recognition processes for the latest exfoliated two-dimensional (2D) materials that are of technological interest. These 2D atomically thin flakes are the building blocks in the fabrication of advanced heterostructures which exhibit many new and exotic electronic and opto-electric properties which might give rise to advanced application and devices. In addition to research, one of his passions has been the joy of teaching young students the fundamental understanding of everyday technological things with the hope to instill scientific, social, and humanistic ideals in the minds of students.

Select Publications:

  • Dielectric spectroscopic investigation of reversible photo-induced changes in amorphous Ge2Sb2Se5 thin films, Y.S. Obeng, N.V. Nguyen, P.K. Amoah, J. Ahn, M.Y. Shalaginov, J. Hu, Journal of Applied Physics 131, 075102 (2022).
  • Optical spectra and interfacial band offsets of pulse-laser-deposited metal-oxides: SnO2, TiO2, and ZnO, N.V. Nguyen, N. Nguyen, J.R. Hattrick-Simpers, O.A. Kirillov, M.L. Green, Applied Physics Letters 118, 131602 (2021).
  • Band Alignment Measurement by Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy (book chapter), N.V. Nguyen, Metrology and Diagnostic Techniques for Nanoelectronics, Ed. Zhiyong Ma, David G. Seiler, Jenny Stanford Publishing, New York, 891-929 (2017).
  • Direct measurement of Dirac point energy at the graphene/oxide interface, K. Xu, C. Zeng, Q. Zhang, R. Yan, P. Ye, Kang Wang, Alan C. Seabaugh, Huili Grace Xing, John S. Suehle, Curt A. Richter, David J. Gundlach, N.V. Nguyen, Nanoletters 13, 131-136 (2013).


  • Physics of Smart Devices

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